Current Events Archive 2002

The 'haps'

12/28/02 Baby Shower!

We had so many people show up for our Baby shower, it was almost overwhelming.  We were spoiled with a TRUCKLOAD of gifts and an even larger dose of friendship and good wishes. The party was hosted by Tammy Kimpel (aka Fairy Godmother) and Cindy Hanna (aka Auntie Cindy), and the list of our friends and loved ones that attended included soon to be great grandparents Lorna Thorson, and Bill (DancingMan) McMurray.Our shower was for both men and women, and we even had the KU game on the big screen. It was a blast!  Perfect for us, great going Cindy and Tammy!!

11/24/02 - Thanksgiving 2002

We had Kelli and John, Loran and Lorna, as well as Cris and Ken over for Thanksgiving. Seems to be settling into a tradition. Michael prepared the turkey, and we all pitched in for the rest. As always, we ate too much. (Hey, look at the last pic.. think we are related?)


We had to put our beloved pet Akasha down. She had cancer, more specifically, a vaccine induced sarcoma that kept her from walking. We miss her, but her time here was done.


Michaels provisional license for Family Home Child Care for Placer County was issued in September. We plan on starting to market to the local tech firms (Oracle & HP) to get one or two children to start. He is licensed for up to 8. (or 6 more including our two already) The house has already started to look like a daycare!


Our good friend Dominique got married. Candice is on the far left, yes, sometimes we do dress up!


A little different, but positive meaning for us. We had an Ultrasound at UCDavis and found out we are expecting a nice big, healthy daughter. We finalized her name of Michele Erika Gerard.

9/4/02 to 9/7/02 - Our Honeymoon

We took the jeep and toured the Sequoias and Yosemite. Very relaxing.


8/31/2002 - Our Wedding

Today we gathered friends and family together officially mark our new life adventire as a married couple. There was much merryment, and many happy tears.

8/30/2002 - PREWEDDING

Oh the joys of getting ready for a backyard wedding

6/25/2002 - THE "K"s starts overnights with our family.

This date marks her first birthday. Visit Kaylees page here. This day also marked the start of Kaylee officially joining our family for overnight stays every Sunday. (That was a long battle)

5/18/2002 - Cindy and Mark get married.

One of our BEST friends and Candice's pseudo sister got married to the coolest man on the planet (not including Michael of course) . ; The wedding of Mark Hanna and Cindy Hatton was beautiful and elegant, we enjoyed the day.  (Well, except that Michael was a little warm in his tuxedo)

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May 1st 2002

Today marked Candice's 32nd birthday, and the anniversary of the day we met. On this day, we decided to set the date of our wedding and the grand plans commenced. We decided on the date while visiting the Silver Legacy Reno casino, the place of our first date. Say HI to the captain!. We didn't win anything on the machines.. but didn't expect to either. We also snuck in some time to play in the snow on the way home.

April 30th 2002 , 2:00

Candice gets her TATTOO finally. (During her lunch break no less!) ; It was a gift from the gals at work for her 31st birthday. THANK YOU Tammy, Julie and Krysti, and of course, Wild Bill.

April 28th, 2002 - Michaels New Ride

Time to trade in the truck. Juggling the Jeep for the cars seat is getting more and more difficult (aka.. Candice is getting grumpy about not having her jeep) So, we went and purchased a 2002 Ford Focus, nice little loaded ride. Can you believe that this little economy car actually has a speed sensitive volume control on the stereo??