Current Events Archive 2003

The 'haps'

12/31/2003 - Many Thanks

As we look back on our last year together, things have been up and down, and we have held through it all. The good news is that it has made not only our relationship stronger, but it has strengthened our relationships with friends and family alike as well. We would like to send our heartfelt thanks to all those that have come to support us with the overwhelming response to the current unfortunate issue forced upon us by another's unfounded and self involved actions. Your calls, visits, emails, packages, meals, hugs, prayers, positive karma, and all around support in general has been, and continues to be, GREATLY appreciated! Thanks to: Cris & Ken, Tammy & John and their entire family, Kelli & John, Cindy & Mark, Michele (aka Mom#2) Donna, Brenda & Terry, Nancy & Freddie, Bob & Marsha, Lori, Josh, The Dancing Man, Scott & Rita, Julie, Denise, Katie, James & Carrie, Chris, Judy, Chip & Dixie, David, Jude, Thomas, Jason & Debi, Dominique, and Tank. (If I forgot your name, I apologize, I am typing on the fly here, and I am sure I've left a couple people out)

12/25/2003 - Michele's First Christmas

Christmas was good and bad this year. Michele enjoyed her first Christmas, but wasn't much interested in presents. We had an Italian dinner here with the local parents and grandparents. We did miss Kaylee. Due to the unfortunate circumstances involved in her missing Christmas with us, we are planning a second Christmas this year, mid or late January. More details to come.

11/28/2003 - The wonders of a kitten we call Shi.... uh, I mean Lilly

Hey, I'm trying to work here! What was that correction? 32 cents.. 23 cents.. LILLY! Quit it!

11/27/2003 - Thanksgiving 2003

This year we featured a Turducken for the centerpiece of the feast. That is boneless turkey stuffed with boneless duck stuffed with boneless chicken stuffed with Cajun sausage stuffing. Boy, that was yummy! In attendance as always were Loran, Lorna, Cris, Ken, Kelli, John and us. Kaylee spent the day with her mothers family. We had a nice relaxing early dinner and drank a good bottle of wine that Rita & Scott had given us. Then we topped it off with a trip to Grandparents Hall, and visited with them for a while in the evening. Next year John and Kellis new house should be built, and they are going to host the Thanksgiving festivities. Heck, they have two ovens in the new place and it will be well suited.

11/8/03 to 11/9/03 - Winemakers Dinner in Carmel

The much looked forward to dinner finally arrived. The six of us friends, Tammy & John, Rita & Scott and us, car pooled to Monterey on Saturday afternoon. We hit Cindy and Marks in the early evening and then we all converged on Lugano's in Carmel around 7pm. The vineyard that was hosting the dinner was Smith & Hook. YUM. Even Michael enjoyed the wine tastings, as the winemaker and the owner were in attendance and they brought out the good reserve wines to pair with the wonderful Lugano's food. The winemaker Andy, decided that we were the fun group and by the end of the dinner he was posing in our pictures. The trip was short, but other than a small battle with Sudafed, it was a wonderful time. We are planning on attending again next year. On the way home, heading back into the Sacramento winter weather, we were gifted with a double rainbow for several miles. (For those that are wondering, Michele was with Grandparents Gerard, and Kaylee was with her mother.)

10/02/03 - Trip to Folsom Zoo... and an added bonus

Dad and girls gathered our day trip stuff and headed out to the Folsom Zoo. After walking through the zoo, looking at the animals and playing with the peacocks, we decided to take a train ride on the Folsom Valley Railway. (the mini steam train) Well, we didn't quite make it through the whole circuit. A truck backed onto the tracks directly in front of the train. BOOM. The train hit the truck and everyone lurched forward. Dad broke the train seat, Kaylee just got a bruise on her knee, and Michele got sent in an ambulance to ER. Everyone is doing fine, but Michele got a fractured femur, and her hip spica (half body cast) has to be on until October 29. Visit her page for more details. This month is going to be hard on all of us. We have already been back to ER and suffered through a nasty skin rash and even a second casting of Michele's spica cast. Michele has lost her self mobility, and her good sleep patterns, but its only a month.....

8/31/03 - New "old" Job for Michael

Sunrise Support, who employed Michael before the mass layoffs of Jan 2003, decided after a couple months of negotiation to bring him back on board to service a long term customer. This works for us because he can work flexible hours in the evenings and even work at home on the weekends to get his job done. This is a step above when he last worked for SSS, as now he is in charge of the customer from start to finish rather than simple data entry, and its full time! (That's going to help the family income.)

7/12/03 - Trip to Marine World

The Family packed up and headed off to Marine World for a Placer Title Company picnic. It was hot, but the kids had fun. Kaylee got to ride a bunch of rides and Michele had a blast watching all the people.

7/4/03 - Family Fourth of July

July 4th the whole crew drove up to Donner Lake with Candice's Grandparents Loran and Lorna, as well as John and Kelli. The fireworks were spectacular, and we had a nice evening RV camping (Does it count as camping when you have a bathroom and kitchen??) The girls enjoyed the fireworks, but Kaylee fell asleep halfway through. Michele made it through the fireworks but fell asleep cuddled up with Kelli VERY shortly thereafter.

Fireworks Video Here - Its a biggie.

6/21/03- New Kitty comes home!

After a long search, and kitten-sitting for our friend Rita (grey kitty below) we found a new member of our family. So far Kaylee has named her MEOW KITTY. We are waiting for a little more personality before giving her a final name. .

<6/3/03- What the??

Deer in our backyard. In the middle of Stanford Ranch... go figure.

5/17 to 5/24/03 - Grandparents Coleman Visit

We had Michael's Mom and Step-Dad come out and visit us for the week. We had Kaylee for all but two of the days that they were here so everyone got some time to know each other. Kaylee has decided that Nancy is "Grandma" even to our prompting to call Nancy "Nana." She also decided that Fred was "Papa Said" Though Candice had to work during the week, the group just hung out, managed to get to Tahoe and the outlet mall. Kaylee got a new pair of Nikes (she sweet-talked Grandma) and Michele got so many hugs and cuddles that she will be spoiled for the next few weeks for sure! We all enjoyed our visit.

5/3/03 - Roadtrip!

Road trip. We took off for the weekend and the three of us (while KK was in England) went to Monterey CA and spent some time with Cindy and Mark. We all took some time on the beach, strolled Cannery Row, and enjoyed a dinner at Bubba Gumps. Candice, Cindy and Michele simply watched the guys down bucket after bucket of Cajun shrimp. We had a nice visit with our friends, and even managed to get Michele started on rice cereal. That little girl has a HUGE appetite.

5/1/03 - A day of events.

Candice's 33rd birthday, Candice starts her new job and Kaylee is off for a London vacation with her mother for 9 days. Candice's parents came over for dinner, the new job is good. Michael will survive (with a little pouting) his eldest daughter being gone for over a week.

4/15/03 - Tax day, and Court day.

Though we had to pay the IRS a buttpile of money, this was a good day for our family. Michael went to the court ordered settlement conference and even though the newest Mediation Recommendation was being challenged, it was put into court order effective immediately. Kaylee is now with us on Sunday at 9am to Monday at 9am, Tuesday from 9am to 5pm and on Thursday from 9am to Friday 5pm. We enjoy the time with her, and she is really getting into her new role as big sister.

4/5/03 - Gamers never know when to quit!

The pictures say it all, but for those who need further explanation. We purchased a Nintendo GameCube and the new Zelda game., the caption on Candice could read: "Do you feel something?" Or "Hey, I'm busy slaying the dragon" or even "Candice the ultimate multi-tasker". On Michael it should be "Dad, let me try!"

3/31/03 - Candice's New Job

After 12 years at Sunrise Support Services, Candice has accepted an offer from Placer Title Company to be a Systems Analyst. They have submitted a nice offer, and Candice accepted on 3/31. Placer Title was Sunrise Supports largest customer, and they had decided earlier in the year to take the service and build an in-house unit to do the same thing. So, the job is essentially a transfer and will even be in the same building.

3/12/03 - Michaels New Ride

Say goodbye to the Ford Focus, and Hello Dodge Durango. The Ford was just too small to be hauling around the girls and Michael, so we purchased a 2001 Dodge Durango RT. It sucks on the gas mileage, but is WONDERFUL for hauling kids, groceries, dogs, recycling and all the wallet draining Home Depot purchases. (hehe). Its seats seven, so all you relatives out there - Now we CAN pick you up at the airport, and you don't have to sit on your luggage. Okay, the other big part of why we got it...... its NOT a minivan!!!


After being "sure" that Michele's arrival would be on the three day weekend before, Candice woke up each day that weekend and made sure that she was ready, and nothing. Then, of course Tuesday after coming home from work, having a nice dinner, and beginning to work on the webpages... Whooosh her water broke and time to go to the hospital. The next morning, the newest family member arrived. 11:03am was delivery, 8 pounds 4oz baby girl named Michele. Then by 2:00 we were eating Togos, thanks to Candice's parents, and by 5:00pm all of us were ready to go home. Unfortunately, the docs made us stay till the following day, but the good part is that we got to have visitors. Cris, Candice's Mom, was present for labor and delivery, Ken, Candice's Dad, came in shortly thereafter. Then we had visits from Keith, (new great grandfather). Kelli & John Willard, and Tammy & John Kimpel with entire family in tow.

1/12/03 - SNOWDAY

Only days before delivery, we decided to go play in the snow. That was a fun day, though Candice had the unfair advantage on the keeping warm thing.