Current Events Archive 2004

The 'haps'

12/24/04- Christmas Eve

Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow (you get the picture!) Michele, thanks for the gift, it was the instant hit with both the girls, and my aunt Kelli, as well as some other adults I will not mention for sake of posterity. If you would like to HEAR this little guy for yourself.. check it out.

12/21/04- Court, again.

(I don't even want to count how many times I've written that phrase) We went to court again, seems that we are going to try the 50/50 route again. Maybe, just maybe third time is a charm. No one is holding their breath though. We are taking things one day at a time and K is scheduled to spend 12/23, some 12/24 and 12/26 with us so far. In the next couple weeks, Kaylee's therapist will monitor and recommend the next step into Phase 2. Come early Spring 2005, we should be functioning in our 50/50 capacity. You know.. perhaps if I took pictures at court these updates would not be so bland. ** Subnote from Candice - Kaylee got to spend 12/23 and some 12/24 (Christmas Eve) with us. She got to open her presents and fell easily into our household routine and surroundings. She was very comfortable, and it was very nice to have her and her energy around again.

12/19/04- Ken Gerard's 60th Birthday Bash.

My Brother Vinnies hosted the 60th birthday party for Ken. (Candice's Father) There were a lot of people there and it was a great time. Stories were told, and we had some killer Italian food. Ken was surprised as his wife managed to keep the whole thing a surprise to the last. (Kudos to Cris!)

11/30/04- Court, again. (wow.. this is getting repetitious)

We went to court, and we are continued to 12/21/04, so.. look for more updates on 12/21. We expect K to be back with us shortly thereafter, and we have all your presents here for her to open. She will not have to wait a year like she did last year, we will post pictures when we get them. Keep up the good thoughts and support, we appreciate it.

11/25/04- Turkey Day!

We had Thanksgiving here again this year. We even went traditional turkey, ham etc, but the big event was that Kelli and John gave the news that they are expecting! Everyone was so happy for them, and gave them the appropriate "it took you two long enough" friendly jabs. They are going to find out the sex of the baby in December, and we are happily shoving all Michele's infant gear in boxes for them. Kelli is due June 18th 2005.

11/12/2004- Winemakers dinner with Lockwood.

We went and spent the weekend with our friends Cindy and Mark and attended a dinner with the Lockwood Vineyard winemaker (Larry). Larry is the one sitting next to Candice in the table picture. Our dinner was created by the chef from the Duck Club restaurant, and was pretty good, but the pastry chef stole the show with a five spice ice cream. Yum!. Candice also took advantage of the 3 hour long car ride to finish up her 800+ page book.

10/17/2004- KAYLEE COMES HOME!

What a nice day today was. After a bumpy start last week, we finally got Kaylee back home today. She was a bit hesitant at first, but after about 10 minutes of looking around, things started coming back to her. She remembered her room, Candice's Jeep (very clearly) where the dogs supplies were, where her snacks were, and which toys were hers and which were new. She and Michele laughed and took turns playing and also vying for "Daddy's" attention. I think it was much more of an adjustment for Michele to have Kaylee here than it was for Kaylee to be back. Michele was a little hesitant to share her Daddy, but adapted well. Kaylee was full of energy and talked up a storm, but was also very polite and considerate to her little sister. She is a remarkable little girl, and we are happy to be back in her life. Hopefully after all the bumps, now all parties involved will move forward and will be concentrating on helping Kaylee move into the 50/50 time split. Our lucky little girl will soon actively have two loving homes and four adoring parents.

9/22/2004- Court day (again... )

Today was court to again address custody. We got what we were looking for, the adoption of the most recent recommendation from Dr Nelson. We are on track to phase in 50/50 custody with Kaylee by 2/1/05. 10/10/04 Starts us with Thursdays and Sundays, and if all goes on schedule we will start a 4 day a week plan on 12/1/04, and then to a modified every other week type schedule on 2/1/05. We are happy with the forward movement, but needless to say we have really missed K in her absence. Her little sister will be very happy to have her back in the house. We have made sure all is perfect in the Ks room for her return, and all of your presents that have been sent this past year are waiting for her in a HUGE pile. We will take pictures. (We will rejoice in the day we can stop reporting on 'court days' to our friends and family, as it is getting very irksome.)

9/18/2004Trip to Sac Zoo and Fairytale Town.

Grandparents Gerard took us to the zoo and fairytale town. Unfortunately the zoo would not let in Grams assistance dog Eyre, so we went over to the Fairytale Town and the amusement rides. A fun time was had by all, a day full of weird characters, fried foods and misc barnyard animals.

9/11/2004 Anniversary Celebration.

As our wedding ceremony was 8/31, but the paperwork not final until 9/11. So we get the benefit of over a week to choose from to celebrate our Anniversary each year. This year we went rock climbing in the afternoon and went to the Melting Pot for a nice three hour dinner. Our climbing instructor was nice enough to get the climbing action shots below, and also leave out the falling actions shots. For dinner, we made it through a 4 course "Big Night Out" which was absolutely wonderful and paired with some great wines. Needless to say, the next day we were both a little sore of muscle and still full of tummy. It was a good day we had lots of fun, Candice planned this one, its Michaels turn next year.

8/7/2004 Trip to San Francisco Zoo.

It couldn't have been a nicer day. We avoided the 100+ degree temperatures in Rocklin and took a trip to the SF Zoo. Michele slept on the way down and woke up just before we got to the zoo. She played on the bronze "kitty" for about 20 minutes before we had to pry her off of it to show her the rest of the zoo.

7/4/2004- Holiday weekend in Monterey.

Cool weather and beautiful skies greeted us in Monterey for this weekend. We stayed with Cindy and Mark and had a great time at the parks, walking on the beach and of course, visiting Bubba Gumps for a shrimp feast. It also goes without saying that they kicked our butts on the Cranium game, as always, but this time we made it half way across the board before they won. We are making progress!

6/6/2004- Boating with Friends

We had a blast going out on the river and boating with friends. We had a time with good people and good food. As we were wrapping up the day, the ice cream boat, complete with the music and everything, came up so we just HAD to get some goodies. (And no, John really isn't driving the 57 foot yacht with his feet.)

5/1/2004 & 5/2/2004- Candice's Birthday Weekend

We took off to Carmel and had dinner at Lugano's, which is Candice's favorite restaurant. What a great time. We spent the weekend hanging out with Cindy and Mark, playing on the beach, getting interviewed about our thoughts on the current situation in Iraq, and got our butts whipped in the game Cranium yet again by those two. Man, this time they were almost to the finish point of the game before we even got ONE turn. Candice and Cindy sat in the sand and built a sand castle, as well as a whole feudal lord township.

3/27/04 & 3/28/04- El Dorado Passport Wine Weekend

This was the official passport weekend for the El Dorado wineries. Michele took refuge with Grandparents Gerard, and we packed up the car with Tammy, John, Rita, Scott, Candice and of course our designated driver Michael. We tasted at Boeger, Fitzpatricks, Jodar, Lava Cap, and Madrona to name a few. We even stopped at a brand new winery in the area called Toogood. The owner, Mr Toogood was there and let us know that he used to be a veterinarian and even to the point that some of his current sales people used to work for him at the clinic and his sales software even said "type of animal = Wine" on the sales slip, too funny. The Syrah was really good out of the barrel so we purchased a case via futures. All in all we had a very nice time, good wine, good food and most importantly good friends!

2/13/2004 - New Job Title for Candice

Placer Title aka Motherlode holding has give Candice a new title and set of job duties. The new title is Project Manager for the administrative complex. The new job is a large challenge reporting directly to the CFO and CIO and is creating all the job parameters on an as-you-go basis.

1/10/2004 and 1/11/2004 - You have to love where we live!

As California goes, we live in the perfect place. Here are a couple pictures to prove the point. Day one, drive an hour and play in the snow, day two put on your shorts and take a bike ride with your daughter. Thanks again to the grandparents for getting our girls the bike cart, it is perfect.