Current Events Archive 2005

The 'haps'

12/31/2005 - New Years Eve. Welcome 2006

All of us packed up for an evening hosted by the Kimpels. We headed over to their house after dinner for some awesome munchies, drinks and games. Although Kaylee went strong all evening, and kept the party hopping (sometimes literally), Michele and Candice pooped out early and headed home before the stroke of midnight. We did however get to ply the gests with Candice's special truffle-tinis. Thank you Godiva.

12/26/2005 - SNOW

We went to spend the morning in the snow, along with all the rest of California. After noticing that our favorite snow park, as well as all the good roadside spots were closed or full to capacity, we headed into Tahoe. We found a spot, and managed to play for about 30 minutes. We warmed up in a local casino with a kids play room, managed to loose some quarters in the sponge bob game, and then headed home. That was a spectacular 7 hour journey on the highway, parked with the snow falling over the pass. Next year, no way we are traveling on this day. Though, we did get a really good giggle at Brenda and Terrys super spy peephole wiper, see the picture of the minivan below.

12/25/2005 - Christmas Morning

We all woke up early and headed downstairs for the Santa presents. The girls weren't so interested in opening more gifts, as they were still playing with the things that got opened the night before. We ended up saving some of the presents which they have been opening after Christmas. As fate would have it after dropping off Kaylee at her moms, we drove to the airport and dropped off the Jeep for Mark and Cindy who were coming into town. Well, we stopped by and said hi to Great Grandpa Hall on the way back home, and as soon as we got home, we ended up having to go back to the airport. Seems pregnancy has effected Cindy much like the rest of womankind, and they had left their set of keys at home. Ha.. just when you thought Cindy was superhuman, it turns out she's a mere mortal. She has however, still in the midst of moving, and pregnancy, gotten a family page together So, our Christmas evening was spent at home, and napping, after we were done running around.

12/24/2005 - Christmas Eve Eve...

After the afternoon at Grandparents Gerard, we headed over to Brenda and Terrys. There we had their traditional evening shrimp feast and opened even more presents. Big thanks to our cousins for the cool presents. Michele has decided that she wants to be afraid of Terry, I think she things its funny. She certainly didn't have any problems running around taking pictures of people. Kaylee and Ton have become best pals when they get to play, Ton watches over her like a little sister and she just revels in the attention.

12/24/2005 - Christmas Eve Day

We headed over to the Grandparents Gerard for the Christmas eve day festivities. Both grandparents and great grandparents were there, as well as cousins John, Kelli and Bryan. We had all sorts of homemade goodies to munch on and opened all of our presents. We literally didn't have enough room in the Durango for all the presents that needed to go home with us, some had to make a separate trip with Grandma. The day was good, although both Michele and Candice were both still suffering from a cold, and dragging butt a bit.

Out for Christmas - Pick up Lori at the airport

Michael took a trip down to San Francisco to pick up his sister Lori at the airport. They made a day of it, going sightseeing and to Bubba Gumps, and even dallied long enough to see the wondrous evening commute traffic.

12/18/2005 - Opening presents all week!

The week before Christmas our tree was beginning to be lost in presents, so we just had to start opening them. You know how that goes? The first ones to open were from Michele (mom#2) and from cousin Josh. It seems like they may have been in cahoots, as they each sent one cool "Story Reader" unit, and both sent separate story books. We have Disney, Dora, Nemo, Lion King and more. So, the girls were set with cool new toys that they played with for a couple days.

12/06/2005 - Making gingerbread houses, and decorating the tree!

Today we made some gingerbread houses and decorated the Christmas tree.

11/24/2005 - Turkey Day!

Today the feast fell at Kelli & Johns house, and the family including Michele helped prepare the morning of. The menu included deep fried Cajun turkey (which ended up a bit too blackened), prime rib, potatoes both mashed and au gratin, spinach, apple & pecan salad, asparagus & mushrooms, fruit salad, mac n cheese, homemade bread and rolls of every shape size and color, and of course way too much dessert. Pumpkin pie, cherry pie, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin bread, and a chocolate trifle. Whew! Cooking was pretty easy this year, Kelli and I have it down to a science now, and she has two ovens. It was a nice leisurely day. A lot of family came in for a quick howdy and a few munchies, and about 10 were left for dinner. As always, we had too much food. Michele was in a great mood, and played very well with her 5 month old cousin Hayden. Kaylee spend the day with her Mom this year.

11/22/05 - Things you would have bet your life on never seeing...

#1) Candice helping make a turkey piñata #2) Candice helping make a turkey piñata wearing a pink shirt and sweats.

10/31/05 - Halloween.

This Halloween, of course Candice dressed as normal for her holiday attire. Kaylee was a Barbie princess woodland fairy, and Michele was a pirate. We took the girls to the Rocklin city Halloween carnival. The city did a great job with carnival games, a safety center (fingerprints and DNA from the Rocklin police) and then a nice and kid friendly spooky trick or treat hallway through the offices. The night ended with a magic show, cookies and juice, bounce house and air slide. We will mark it on the things to do next Halloween as well. After that, we drove over to the Grandparents Gerard, and Kaylee's Moms for our last trick or treats of the night. Michele didn't even make it to Grandmas, she was snoozing right after the carnival, she had a long day.

10/16/05 to 10/18/05 - Tahoe trip, and visit with Grandparents Coleman.

On Sunday, we headed up to Apple Hill with Nancy and Fred and took a tour of the local farmers markets and wineries. We had a nice visit, the weather was beautiful, and had a great impromptu lunch at Boeger with some wine, bread, cheese and salami. On Monday and Tuesday, the trip was up to the Tahoe basin for some more sight seeing. The girls had fun, made some friends on the local beach and playground, and I think Fred had a great time on the playground as well. Tho, we found he needs a little more practice on using the slides, and Kaylee was happy to instruct.

9/30/05 to 10/2/05 - DISNEYLAND!!!

We took a trip to Disneyland. Michele, Michael, Candice and Grandparents Gerard met Bob and Marsha (Grandparents Olberding) at Disneyland on Friday night, Sept 30th. We all took the weekend and played in Disney and the California Adventure park. Bob and Michael took off and did some fishing on Sunday, and we all ran too much! Michael had a cold during the trip, and juggling a toddler around was a challenge. All in all, a great trip, with a wonderful view of Downtown Disney and nightly fireworks from our Disneyland Hotel room. We enjoyed toon-town in the early morning, followed by dinner with the characters and private seating for the Fantasmic light show. We all felt like royalty on that one! Michael ate his weight in chocolate dipped strawberries that evening. Michele ended up being exactly 40 inches tall, and could make it on most adult rides. She enjoyed Dumbo (of course), the toon-town roller coaster, Star Tours, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Playhouse Disney onstage... she did NOT enjoy the Roger Rabbit Car-toon spin, It's a Small World (does anyone really enjoy that???) or the haunted mansion. She however slept through the entire Fantasmic show, proving yet again, she sleeps like a log. The cool thing about going this time was that the Haunted Mansion was all done up in the Nightmare before Christmas, it was pretty cool. Here are some pictures.. there are more to follow when we dig out all the memory cards.

9/25/05 - Early Trip to the Pumpkin Farm (Bishops)

While the weather was still nice and warm, we headed out to the pumpkin farm for a day of fun. We did manage to pick out a few pumpkins for Jack-O-Lanterns as well along the way. It was a good day, with plenty of fresh pumpkin scented air and exercise.

9/8/05 - Baby Hanna makes her presence known.

Today was the confirmation for our friends Cindy and Mark that they are expecting a baby. The official due date is April 20th at this point, which means Candice will be scheduled to spend a couple weeks in Washington in their new home with their new baby late April early May. We are all excited at the news, and we will be happy to welcome baby Hanna into our lives.

9/7/05 - We Celebrated our 3rd Anniversary.

It was Michaels year to plan the activities this year, and he had me completely fooled. I thought we were headed to Tahoe, when in fact we were headed to the Bay. We started our day a little after 8:00 by piling into the jeep with a load of supplies. Michele stayed with Brenda & Terry the night before, and Ks Mom picked her up early so we could meet our schedule. We had a breakfast on the road and drove some very relaxing roads and pleasant scenery into Marin before we stopped at the Rouge et Noir triple cream brie factory. We picnic lunched at their facility with some fresh cheese, bread and salami. Next it was onto a two hour horseback ride in the lush green forest, the fog keeps things so cool and moist, when we hit about 1500 feet elevation, it was like it was raining a light rain. The trees collect the fog and let it drip from the canopy above. It was great, the horses were in good shape and responsive. We had fun even tho Michaels horse decided to mostly trot a bone jarring trot. (He was 1/2 Percheron, a large horse) Next it was a stop at Stinton beach for a view of the scenery, followed by a quick relaxing snooze. Then, off to a seaplane on the bay which took us on a private tour of the bay. The pilot (Al) was amazing, and although the ride was a bit bumpy from the winds, he handled the plane as it was as natural as driving a car. The landing on the choppy waters below was smoother than pulling into a parking spot at your local grocery store. After that, we headed up the highway a bit and had dinner at one of my favorite breweries. Moylan's (home of the Kiltlifter) and I found a new summer favorite. WheatBerry. We had a great time, and headed home. I don't know how I will top this one next year.

7/30 and 7/31/05 - The smaller of the Mr. Willard's Visit.

Our one month old cousin, Hayden Willard came to stay with us for the weekend, while his parents went to enjoy a quiet birthday celebration. Hayden of course was a complete angel, and we enjoyed our time with him. However, it was a nice reminder of why female infants are a tad easier... no duck and cover necessary during diaper changes! The girls did really well with having an infant in the house. But, no, you can wipe all those thoughts out of your minds now. There are no plans to include any more full time diaper wearing residents at this house!

7/15/2005 - Trip to the San Francisco Zoo.

Michael and the girls piled into the car with Nonie, AKA Aunt Barb, with Remington and headed over to San Francisco to escape the heat.

7/4/2005 - Louisiana Style Crawdad Boil.

We fired up the crawdad hottub and went to the Sac Airport to pick up our visitors. Well, they had a one way ticket. The girls "ewwed" and pointed at the 50 pounds of 4" wiggly creatures, and we headed back home down the garden highway. Oh, the Garden Highway doesn't go back to Rocklin? Well, we decided to hide our tracks in case any of the larger relatives of our food, I mean passengers, were tracking us. I was at least a lovely ride. The party went very well, though I have to say our friends are definitely not Cajun. We had crawdads AND beer left over! We did the whole gamut with corn, andouille, potatoes and artichokes. It was super yummy. A HUGE thanks to everyone that attended for putting in a helping hand. It was one of the easiest parties We've ever thrown. --- (and yes, a kids frog makes a great beer cooler.)

7/3/2005 - A fond farewell.

Today we said a farewell to Zeke. He was with us for about 14 years, loving and protecting his family. He had not walked or eaten in a few days, and deserved as dignified an end as he had a life. Zeke, we will miss you. We are honored by the time you spent with us.

6/29/2005 - Court.

Yet another continuance, new date 8/4/2005. Between now and then we are hoping Jennifer accepts our offer to get this stuff out of court and into mediation where they can start to work on issues regarding Kaylee and her life together. If not, it looks like the court, rather than parents, will be deciding what preschool Kaylee attends.

6/19/2005 - A funny.

Trip to Monterey California, $450. Picture of you adjusting your bra in public, taken by a sneaky freelance penguin. Priceless.

6/17 to 6/19 - Our trip to Monterey

Well, we headed off Friday morning to go to Monterey for the weekend. The plan was to celebrate Kaylee's birthday early, as due to parental time split, we do not have her on her birthday again this year. We also tossed in a trip to Bubba Gump's for a shrimp feast for a Fathers day celebration. The normal 3 hour drive, note.. 3 hours when there are only adults in the car, now takes 5 hours. Many must stop and pee or play stops, and some generic slow sightseeing and resting. We got to Cindy and Marks in time for dinner, and had a fine outdoor barbeque feast. K opened some of her presents, and she got her pink tent. She wanted to "camp" so we put up the tent, and Michael the "super daddy" as he has been dubbed, slept in the tent with her in the backyard. Lucky that there was sand under the tent, but a certain someone still had a sore back the next day. The next day was the Aquarium. A hint to all you people out there thinking about taking a 2 and 4 year old to the Aquarium... JUST DONT DO IT. K was fine, M decided that she was not interested in anything but the slide. Then it was off to the ocean, and time for cake and ice cream, more presents. A glass of wine for Candice, and a night of introducing Cindy and Mark to Dora the Explorer. The next day we were off to the local play park, then to Bubba Gumps and home for some down time that we all needed. (K ended up sleeping in the tent again at home in the living room. One may think she really likes her pink tent)

6/14/05 - BABY HAYDEN WILLARD ARRIVES (a tad early)

He's just the cutest, healthy baby boy. 8 pounds, 21 inches. Not bad for a Mama that doesn't even clear 4'11"! Congrats to the new Mom and Dad, Kelli and John.

6/6/05 - Invites go out... start your motors! Its a Louisiana crawdad boil. 7/4/2005!

If I missed anyone.. here are the details.

5/31/05 - Court.

The offer we previously gave Jennifer was stipulated as agreed upon and entered into order, we are pending the arrangements to enter into co-parenting counseling and to find Kaylee a preschool that is closer to both our homes in Roseville or Rocklin. K is currently in daycare in Citrus Heights. (about 12 miles away). The next court date 6/29/05 is set specifically for the judge so he may make a decision on both Kaylee's preschool and what co-parenting counselor we will be seeing if Michael and Jennifer cannot agree before then. I keep thinking pictures may make these updates better for our web viewers, but you will just have to use your imagination.

5/4/05 & Court.

Surprise. Court, and another continuance based on Jennifer's last minute change of attorneys. New Date 5/31

5/1/05 - Parents Magazine Article Published

After not hearing from Parents magazine for over a year, they finally got the 'go' for the Daddy Daycare article and let us know that they needed pictures ASAP for publishing in May. The data was a little out of date, but it gives a cute look at the Dads that have decided to expand their role as parents and care takers. Michael does now have two pregnant friends, and two mothers of toddlers that are interested in his services this summer, so he is considering changing from working for Sunrise Support to going self employed daycare later this year. We will see how many of our currently pregnant friends end up going back to work after having their children. Sometimes plans change for the new Mom, and the nighttime data entry is working very well for now.

Parents article May 2005.pdf
4/29/05 & 4/30/05- Candice's Surprise Birthday trip.

Isn't it just my luck? Michael had planned a whole surprise birthday trip for me, which included scheduling time off work and arranging care for Michele. On the Friday morning when we were supposed to leave early, he had planned well and hid a note in the shower as I always start my day there, even before coffee. Of course of all days, that day I had overslept and was running to meet my carpool to work without benefit of the shower that morning, as I was giving him a kiss goodbye, he woke up and told me to take a shower. I thought.. gosh.. I cant smell THAT bad, I was in the bath with M the night before..... So, I stopped, went to the shower and found the note. I had the day off, my bags were packed and we were headed south. We ended up having a personal tour and tasting at the Lockwood vineyard, with the winemaker himself and our good friends Cindy and Mark. Then we did a little light off roading with the group, and got pots and pots of cheese fondue at Luganos for dinner. I felt like I was in a MasterCard commercial, "photo of the restaurant owner losing a bet... priceless" (see man in wig and coconuts dancing for dollars). A very nice birthday, and great surprise.

4/16/05 & 4/17/05- El Dorado Passport Wine Weekend - YEAR 2

This was the official passport weekend for the El Dorado wineries. This year Michele again took refuge with Grandparents Gerard, and we were off to the wineries. THIS year we stopped for a hearty breakfast each day, and our designated driver (Michael) had to wait until later in the day to make fun of us. Tho this year I had to include the getting in and out of the vehicle picture, as we visited 16 wineries, there was much in and out of the car. We ended the trip at the winery that was doing beer tasting, go figure. We also managed to clear the place out by dancing to the "bug butts" song out on the patio. We couldn't help it, its the only thing you can do when they hire a DJ that looks like Elvis! This year we also stayed in a hotel in Placerville during the weekend trip, and the only glitch was the flu that Candice was trying to not admit to during the trip. Oh, and on the last two pictures, I will leave you with only this... you can guess what Scott was doing, and then guess what Rita was doing outside the car door. Hehehe. We LOVE getting together with this group of friends, we laugh o ur butts off the entire time!


After years of court, we finally have implemented 50/50 joint custody of Kaylee. This was per Dr Nelsons recommendation made into order by the court earlier in the year, and per Alicia Santos-Coys recommendation to the parent. It was effective the week of April 11th, and is Mon-Tues with Dad, Wed-Thurs with Mom, and then we switch every other Friday-Sunday. It makes it easier to sign Kaylee up for extra curricular activities as we can use Monday or Tuesday for such things as ballet, martial arts or gymnastics and we don't have to worry about the other parent getting her to practice. Currently we are still in court to determine the best way to move forward with daycare/preschool and exchanges.

4/9/05- SNOW!

Its California, and day one in the spa.. day two in the snow. Man, its great to live here. We made a long slide on the hill, made snow angels, tossed snowballs. Since it was sunny, it was really warm and we all had a blast. The car keys got lost in the snow for a few minutes, but it added a little adventure to our trip.

3/26/05- Spring & Easter 2005

Its nice to have the weather let us be outside for a while. We got to celebrate Easter with the Grandparents Gerard. The girls were spoiled with TWO baskets a piece, and tho there was enough of the obligatory Easter candy, there were also an abundance of toys and hair accessories to make the baskets fun, festive and functional. I think the Jeep is still the showstealer, Kaylee really enjoys driving her little sis around the back yard.

2/16/05 to 2/19/05- Arizona trip, Michele and Michael

Dad and daughter took off and surprised Grandma Nancy and the Dancing Man (Grandpa McMurray). They had a nice visit, Michele traveled very well, with simply finding things to keep herself occupied. She even slept on the flight, tho I think she got more sleep than Michael. They also visited Dave and Nikki, and spent some time exploring in the desert.

1/23/05- Happy Birthday Michele! (one day late)

We scheduled M's party one day late this year so Kaylee could join in the fun. We had a house full or loving admirers that Sunday from 2-5. I want to say a big THANK YOU to all that attended. Grandma & Grandpa Gerard, Great Grandpa Keith, Cindy & Mark, John & Kelli, Tammy & John, Rita & Scott, Yvonne & Dave, and Nancy and Freddie (via the web cam). Michele (and Kaylee) are still playing with the new load of toys.

1/21/05- It's a BOY!

Baby Willard announced HIS presence clearly today at Kelli's sonogram. We say congrats to John and Kelli, and anxiously await our little cousin to arrive late mid to late June 2005.