Current Events Archive 2008

The 'haps'

December 24th - Christmas Eve

The Christmas celebration was on Christmas eve this year. We headed over to Kelli & John's for Christmas eve supper and then came home for opening presents. Kaylee had her Grandparents Morrill visiting from England, so we encouraged her to spend the their two week visit with them at her Moms. She celebrated Christmas with us on Christmas Eve and was surprised how early Santa can get to a house when you send a note that he needed to stop their first when he started delivering toys Christmas Eve. Both girls scored with presents from Grandparents near and far. Grandma Grandparents Gerard spoiled with toys and clothes, Marsha sent cool toys and new ornaments for their collection. Grandparents Coleman send some cool games and Grandpa Bob added some stock to the girls ever growing stock portfolio. A big thank you to all! The girls were warned that is was going to be a lean Christmas, however they definitely didn't feel any lack of presents to open, or new toys to play with for weeks. The girls also got "zip-its", an instant messaging device that uses IM or cellular text messaging. If you would like to be added to their lists, contact Candice or Michael and we will add. But watch out.. these girls can text up a storm!


December 18th - Early Christmas Present for Candice

We welcome "Kip" to the family. The dog formerly known and Kevin was picked out at the Roseville SPCA the previous weekend and now has joined our family. Please note, the little blue sweater was while he was at the SPCA and we were visiting him while waiting for his post neutering release. The dog came home, the sweater stayed there thank you. He is six months old and of mixed parentage, weighs only a slight 33 pounds and has ultra short hair. He gets along wonderfully with Sparky and well with the girls, and has even learned that Lilly the cat doesn't take ANY lip from dogs. Sparky (aka: Old Man) is starting to be more active and seems much happier to have a pal. Candice is happy to have the larger pack again, and Kip is extremely happy as he gets to torment the old man, chase the young girls and sleep on a warm bed every night. Sometimes he even gets under the covers since it is winter, and he is skinny!


December 13th - Decorate the tree

The tree lived upstairs in the playroom this year. It made it less cluttered for downstairs, but sacrifices some play space. Yes, Michael did hang a pumpkin on the tree. We are just that weird.

November 25th to 30th - Thanksgiving at Disneyland!

This year we took off and went to Disney to celebrate Thanksgiving. We all had a wonderful time, enjoying a cool suite at the hotel with the best view and all the amenities Disney has to offer. We headed to the park for four days and were pretty pooped out at the end. All the details are here - Disneyland 2008- ALL PICTURES.

October 19-31st - Our Halloween Week!

This was A LOT of Halloween this year. The first was a carnival for Rocklin Academy, then a carnival for Rocklin Elementary, then a TKD "Trunk or Treat" and then finally Halloween itself. The evening of Halloween ended with Candice sleeping on the couch and the fur family taking advantage of the extra warmth.

October 12th - Placer County Farm and Barn tour.

This year we headed off to the Placer County Farm and Barn tour. We found a couple new wineries, a really good local meat farm and a couple interesting plant farms along the way. It wasn't really a kids day, but Michele was there as the trooper, trying lamb and goat and fresh pork sausage as much as people would allow. Look carefully at the sheep picture, as one of these things is not like the other. Oh, and we found this cool dragon warrior art, it was only 26K, so that's why its only in the picture and not in the house!

October 11th - Michael company picnic.

UNFI has their annual picnic at a local Rocklin park. Much fun was had by the youngsters and young at heart. We didnt get too much socializing in as Michael is very new to the company, but people were friendly and happy in general which is a good sign.

October 6th - Michael gets a new job.

Onward and upward. Michael was offered and accepted a new job at United Natural Foods. The job is within biking distance from home and offers a lot of what we have been missing as far as 'down home' employment since Sunrise Support Services was in full swing. We have the opportunity of lower cost health care, discounted food, and a company that values the promote from within ethic. We are all excited, and Jennifer who has now started her own home day care business is helping out by watching Michele and getting the girls to and from school while we are both at work. Sometimes things to actually work out in the long run. Update... we are really getting into the natural foods as they are discounted, and couldn't miss the opportunity to take a picture of this very funny breakfast combo! What a way to start the day!

September - Ahh.. the dwindling days of summer

In the dwindling days of summer, we have taken to going to Sonic on the warm evenings, with the top down in the jeep to enjoy some cool drinks and the beautiful California evenings.

August 2 to August 13th - Summer Vacation trip to Oregon and Washington-

We had a good time in Waldport Oregon and Seattle with family Hanna this year. Some highlights were surfing in the ocean, playing in the sand and waves, exploring Bainbridge Island local parks and relaxing with friends. Check out the whole adventure here SUMMER 2008..

July 4th - Party at the Kimpel's

This year was much like the past years, hosted by the gracious family Kimpel, this year however the bean bag toss was dug out of the backyard toychest and added to the fun and games. The good natured Jason suffered a game or two with 'oh-so-close' Candice as his partner, Michael was on camera duty and the girls were the cheering section. Needless to say, Tammy wiped us all out with her bulls eye shots almost every time. When the sun went down we headed outside for fireworks, and managed to even set the fireworks on fire. The girls had the best time with the glow bracelets, anklets and necklaces while playing with sparklers.

June 2008 - Rocklin Jubilee

This was the first year for our family doing the all day plan at the Jubilee. Michele and Kaylee had a TKD demonstration in the morning before lunch. We brought the blankets and coolers and met up with Jennifer and Lauren for the afternoon at the water and jump houses they had for the kids. (and some brave adults). After a brief nap for everyone, there was music and fireworks. The fireworks were even better than the previous years. However, we may not do the all day thing again next year... that was a looooong day.

Easter 2008 - On the first day of Easter my true love gave to me.....

Yes, we had several days of Easter this year. It started with an Easter Friday with the delivery of Easter eggs to fill and goodies. Saturday was an Easter Egg Hunt and gathering with family Kimpel, and Sunday took out out to Granite Bay for an Egg hunt and BBQ with the great grandparents. Monday, Kaylee returned back home after spending the Easter holiday with her Mother and we had a small Easter basket and egg hunt celebration with just ourselves. I also reminded our friends and family that the girls do not eat that much candy... and said go sparingly. Yeah, funny. We received over 10 pounds of Easter candy.

March 23 2008 - We say goodbye to Cleo

Unfortunately the Easter Bunny did Cleo in this year. Perhaps it was just her time, perhaps it was chasing down the fabled chocolate egg laying snow-footed hare in the backyard, but either way it was Cleo's time to leave our family. Her energy that had been part of our pack for over 17 years has moved on and yet there are years of memories to that live on. One of the funniest memories being the evening she got half her body stuck in the cat box and then thrashed around in the dark trying to remove herself from the cat box, and another of her as a young pup diving into the pool on her own on warm summers days (oh, and at midnight at times and coming back in the house sopping wet). Cleo survived Zeke (far right) and is survived by Sparky (aka "Sprinkles" middle) She will be missed. Valhalla Cleo.

March 17th - Leprechaun Visit

On St Patties this year, a impish little man was glimpsed as he seemed to vanish in thin air. He left behind only a piece of paper, which our girls found out was a map. They followed the map around the outside of the house, and it led them inside. There it seems the tricky little leprechaun used a series of riddles to hide the resting spot of his gold. The girls were excited, and were like bloodhounds on the series of poetic clues. In the end they found the gold, and what ended up to be candy and two new outfits. (Oh, and pop-rocks!)

March 7, 8 and 9 2008 - Artisan Cheese Festival

We jumped in the jeep and headed off to the Artisan Cheese Festival in Petaluma. We started the weekend with a fondue dinner, and ate and learned about cheese all day Saturday from 8am to 8pm. It actually put both of us in a place we had not ever seen... a place where we could not eat any more cheese!! Amazing. The information was great, the speakers did a good job for the most part and the cheese and other fresh local produce was top notch! The gals from the Cowgirl Creamery were there and had a bounty of knowledge to share on cheese types and how to inform yourself so you dont have to be afraid of cheese you haven't tried when you are at the cheese counter. Sunday we jeeped around town, checking out the AWESOME olive oil tasting room at the Olive Press. After that we hit some back roads and did some exploring and a little impromptu rock climbing.

February 2008 - uh.. Where did it go?

Did we have a February in 2008?? Wow, I guess the two people, three jobs (oh and two kids) are catching up with us! Sad to say, no adventures for Feb 08.

January 1 2008 - New Years Day

New years day, we packed up the jeep and headed up to the snow. We found a great place off the Eagle Lakes exit from highway 80, just a mile or so up is the Indian Springs Trailhead. This allowed 4 wheel drive access off the road where everyone else was parked and playing. Just a short 4x4 trail away was the campgrounds with good parking and even a bathroom, and only one other family. Perfect, just a little over an hour from home and great snow and sledding. We will visit again. The girls send a huge THANK YOU to Grandparents Gerard, this was the first year they were not at all ready to leave the snow day, and they had been playing for over three hours. The snow gear was perfect!

January 1 2008 - New Years Eve

New Years starts out with "assume the pose", the Wii pose that is. We had John, Tammy, Jason, Danielle, André and Janae here as well as the four of us stayed home to watch the ball drop on television. As the night progressed, the games expanded to karaoke, guitar hero and quite a bit of hairstyling in Kaylee's hairstyle boutique. For everyone's benefit, we put away the camera when the singing and lovely hairstyles started. So, no blackmail photos for this year.