Current Events Archive 2009

The 'haps'

December 31- New Years Eve

New Years at Chez Kimpel. This year we hung out, kept it pretty calm. We talked by the fire, enjoyed the blue moon, played pool, ate too much food, and played a drinking game that involved blowing cards off the top of a deck with the deck stacked on a bottle. That was very fun, and even our non drinkers joined in with punch. Michele watched for a while and then played, and wouldn't you just know it, she was better than the rest of us. Thanks Tammy and John for hosting a nice fun and relaxing way to end one year and start the next.

December 26- Delayed Christmas Festivities with Family

Dinner and a little adventure with our Cameron Park family, the Smiths, Aunt Barb and Grandpa McMurray. We hung out, played catch phrase which was quite funny with the gang we had gathered around. The girls tortured Jordon and Ton for a while. The girls were spoiled with a pile of gifts to add to their Christmas loot, and we enjoyed our time with family we don't see often enough. Thanks Brenda and Barb for getting us up there to visit!

December 25- Christmas Evening

We headed off to my Aunt Donna's house for dinner with Great Grandpa, Keith. Dinner was nice, and the girls met some distant family and made a new friend. Grandpa Keith got a very special triple force original pin that his mother would have had having three children in the armed forces. He had previously had a reproduction, but lost it with a favorite hat in the sea when touring Pearl Harbor. He was touched to tears by the gift from his daughter and son, and we all got to hear some interesting family history.

December 25- Christmas

Christmas morning brought many more presents and about a half an hour of rip and tear. The girls were excited and happy about all of their new finds. Both girls unwrapped new games, new dolls, room decorations and craft supplies. Oh, well the girls weren't SO excited about the clothes from Mom and Dad, until they got to the hip hop shirt and beanie combo, and Michele was happy about iCarly underwear, but you know how that goes. We said not all presents in the world are toys.

December 24- Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve started with making and putting up signs for "Santa Stop Her First Please", and then putting out the reindeer food with Cole's help, and the cookies for Santa. After all the prep, we headed off to John & Kelli's for supper. Supper was wonderful, even though a giant penguin showed up. My cousins and I opened some presents there, and then went home late in the night to find Santa had already delivered our presents and left a note. Grandma and Grandpa Gerard were there for sharing hot cocoa Christmas eve and the girls got to open presents from them too. As you can see, there was quite a bit of loot had by the kids. Santa brought the girls a American Girl doll tree house to share, an American Girl doll armoire for Kaylee, and a "Biscuit" dog, now renamed Diamond for Michele. Sparky however is unsure of what to think of Diamond.

December 20 & 21st- 2009 Christmas Cookie Extravaganza!

This year we headed back to Kelli's for cooking. Two days of kitchen time and we had a cookie swarm. 

December 16 & 17 - Winter 2009 Dance Showcase

This year the shows were split as the younger kids were in the first show, and Kaylee was now in the second show with the older girls. She did get one number with the younger set as her Jazz production class incorporates several jazz classes, including minis. The girls had fun, and ended up with flowers from their adoring fans at the end of the show.

December 13 - Decorating the Christmas Tree.

This year the girls did the decorating of the tree by themselves. They had a little direction, but the end result was all theirs.

December 10 - Winter 2009 Dance Practice

This year there was a little excitement with a trip to the ER for Kaylee's mom in the middle of practice, but all was ok and the girls were troopers finishing up their practice. Michael and I both went to watch them practice and were proud of both girls. Kaylee and and her little sister Lauren had four dance routines each, while Michele only had her one hip hop. There were costumes flying and tights everywhere between the routines. "Was that just a ballet slipper that whizzed by my head?" "Yes, I believe it was."

December 7th - Snow in Rocklin and Auburn.

Very rarely do we get snow this low, but on this day we all got to feel the whim of Mother Nature. The pictures are from Auburn CA, and the snow stuck around for about three days.

December 6th - Holiday Open house Chez Gerard (Sr

Grandparents Gerard hosted a holiday open house on Sunday December 6th to celebrate several items associated with the winter of 2009. Throughout the day friends came and went, but a couple special friends to this Gerard (Candice) were especially nice to see. Judy who performed the ceremony of our marriage, and Kerri her daughter who was a playmate in early grade school years stopped by for a while to talk and reminisce.

November- Kip's 'nearly indestructible' toys

We purchased a new toy for our buzzsaw Kip, and he made short work of it in a handful of days and was very sad once it no longer squeeked or had any stuffing. Old Man Sparky confirmed its death and we tossed out its empty husk. Lucky for Kip, Kaylee's step dad Kevin noted that there were larger more 'nearly indestructible' toys at a local feed store and brought one over for him. Kip was happy again, and Im hoping its because of the new chew toy itself and not the fashion statement he was modeling in the end picture here. Kip!

October 31st- Halloween!

This year the Willard Clan came over to eat some dinner and go trick or treating. They brought a fire pit so the gals sat in the driveway and scared kids and passed out candy. The big kids (Kaylee and Michele) lost the little ones in about 4 or 5 houses as they were on super speed to collect the candy. After the block the Willard's settled around the fire, and we were joined by Kaylee's Mom and stepdad as well as little sister Lauren and the three girls did a second round of trick or treating that evening. Next year, we may just have to do a little planned driveway party and invite a few more friends. It was nice hanging out and chatting by the fire.

October 28th- Pumpkin Carving

Much fun on the pumpkin carving this year. Kaylee did her pumpkin ALL on her own, from design to scoop to cutting. Michele needed some help with the scooping, but designed and cut on her own. There was pumpkin shrapnel everywhere. If anyone is wondering, pumpkin guts don't taste too bad in tequila.

October 25th- "But Im a GOOD boy..see!"

Here is the look you get after you find your hamburger missing from your plate. Not the bun, or the lettuce.. just the burger. I would guess its his best try at looking innocent.

October 24th- Trunk or Treat at Robinsons TKD.

Its that time of year. Time to pack up the kids and the car and head on over to Robinsons TKD for Trunk or Treat. It was fun this year with many cars decked out in imaginative ways. This year we took second place again in the Jeep with a action scene of witch and ghoul brewing up a nasty thunderstorm. First prize went to a kind-of-trunk with a pop up and a full blown haunted house. The girls trunk or treated their little hearts out, and had a grand time. Kaylee dressed as Luna Lovegood this year, Michele was a Sweetheart Bat, and little sister Lauren was a Genie.

October 21st- Surgery and all is well.

Candice had surgery today to remove a suspicious mass. All was good after surgery, and back to the 'standard pose' at home (shown here). Heh. Things got even better about a week later when the results came in all scar tissue, no cancer. Thanks for everyone's positive thoughts!

October 17- Trip to Bishops Pumpkin Farm

Pile in the car and off we go, along with 99% of the local area, to Bishops Pumpkin farm once again this year. We ate garlic fries, picked Pumpkins (and some walnuts) and went on a hay ride. We topped it off with a little playing in the tree fort and then went home to have yogurt at Tops. The girls ran pretty hard, and by the time they got in the car, they were wiped out. Kaylee got lucky and go to go again with her Mom, and went through the corn maze and Coyote mountain. Maybe next year for us... however next year we are NOT going on the weekend! Man, is that place busy!

September 19th- Dinner at Casablanca in Sacramento

We have been super busy with the first month of school, as well as the school fundraiser that we were in charge of. The fundraiser ended with a social on 9/18, so the next day it was time to relax a bit. Michael's parents Nancy and Fred were here with us the week before, but their flight left the morning of so they missed our lovely time. Casablanca's with Tammy, John, Rita and Scott was a sure treat, we ordered the Sultans Feast. This feast starts with a hand washing at the table, and then gets more interesting from there with sweet, spiced food. It was delicious. The night ended with some dancing for everyone except Michael who was busy giggling and taking pictures.

July 22nd- Playing at the water park

Its HOT here. Wow, a ten day stretch of 100+. Candice took some time off work and we decided to take a girls day to the Roseville water complex. Nice place, good to spend half day playing. We had fun. Kaylee went down the BIG slide twice by herself, Michele and Lauren aren't strong swimmers yet, so they just hung out in the pool and the play area. After 4 hours, it was "awww man, its time to go already?!" But also after 4 hours of the threesome, the sisters were in need of some time by themselves. Michele and Lauren slept in the car on the way home. zzzzzzzzzzzzz..

June 28th- Going Underground!

With most of the household chores tackled on Saturday, the family headed to Black Chasm Cavern, where Mother Nature made some extreme works of art. The crystalline formations grow not only in the up and down typical fashion, but also in crazy sideways forms. The "pet" formation looking like a traditional Oriental dragon. Then it was off to Sutter Gold Mine where we witnessed what the power of man can achieve. It is a working mine, with all the new technologies, but also with nod to the men and women before them with plenty of old time tools and information about how they were used. After the time underground, we spent some evening time at a self pick strawberry farm, and enjoyed said strawberries with some Haggen Daaz ice cream for desert. It was a good day.

June 27th- Girls sleepover

Kylie and Makenna came over for a sleep over and decided to sleep on the trampoline. They made it till about 10:30 and the sounds of nature got them too scared to sleep outside. The adults were inside betting on how long it would take them to come in as we could hear them getting more and more worried about the cricket and frog sounds.

June 21st- Fathers Day.

The girls made their Dad chocolate covered strawberries and dinner. Ok, they helped with dinner.

June 3rd- The girls are promoted from Kindergarten and 2nd grade.

Michele had a ceremony as she was in Kindergarten, Kaylee got to attend and watch. We graduated, had a party at the park, then went out to eat dinner, went on a nice long bike ride and headed home to just before the thunderstorm started.. yes thunderstorm. Odd huh?

May 31st- Kip learns to entertain himself

Today while we were swimming at Chez Kimpel, Kip learned that if he swam a certain way that he could make splashes for himself, as he loves to bite and chase after them. Shortly after he learned this neat new trick however, he also learned that he needs to continue to paddle with his back paws and not get distracted, or he sinks underwater in a hurry. Glub Glub.

May 16 and 17th- Trip to Tahoe Timber Trails

Thanks to Grandpa-Grandpa (aka Loran Thorson), we headed out of town to escape the 105 degree heat and hit Tahoe. It was wonderful, mid to high 80's hanging out at the local lake, investigating local meadows and roughing it, fifth wheel style. It wasn't too 'cush', as we still had to use the bathroom at the campground, and on the last day someone cut the water main to the entire place, but it was a nice relaxing time. On the way back from the near lake, we stopped to play in the snow, the girls got a good laugh out of playing in the snow in their swim suits. Next time, we will remember to bring steak out chains for the dogs, though Kaylee didn't seem to mind walking the dogs, and walking the dogs, and walking the dogs some more. It was opening day, and next time we visit there will be more kids, and the swimming pool will be open! Yeah!

May 10th- Mothers day gathering chez Willard

The kids played in the water, and we at bbq and drank margaritas. Cant beat margaritas on Mothers Day. :)

May 3rd- Warm Rain is FUN!.

The girls were cracking us up, out enjoying the warm CA rain. They had the best time and were laughing so hard it was contagious. >boing< hehehehe.. >boing< heheheheh...

April 23- Bring your kids to work day, UNFI style.

Michael's employer hosted a bring your kids to work day for the employees. The kids got to get to work at 8am and go through the entire company, from finance and purchasing to the freezer and loading dock. They got to put their jackets in the conveyor that runs through the warehouse, walk in the freezer, go in a semi truck, front and back, including blowing the horn and riding on the tail lift. In packaging, they all got to jump on about a 20x40 foot patch of bubble wrap, talk about a blast! Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a huge bag of organic goodies, as well as a kid friendly lunch. Michele had a blast, and will return again next year. Kaylee had STAR testing at school and couldn't miss class, however she did get delivered a bag full of goodies so she didnt miss out on everything.

April 12-Tradition holds, another beautiful Easter Egg hunt at Grandma-Grandma's in Granite Bay.

The day was warm and perfect for hunting eggs. We had a barbeque, and played with family. The girls made out like bandits, getting three baskets of goodies a piece. Kaylee was the serious hunter, and was rewarded by finding the golden egg, which won the prize stuffed bunny for the day. Much like Easters before, the adults got a chance to eat too much good food, and the kids got a chance to eat too much candy. Though, egg hiding and hunting over about 1.5 of the acres does wear off a few of those extra calories!

March 29- American Girl Fashion Show, Modesto CA.

Thanks to the generosity of Grandma Cris, we all took off to go to the American Girl Doll Fashion show in Modesto. The girls prepared weeks in advance, planning new dresses and what their dolls would wear. Also thanks to the last minute step in by "GG" to assist, Lauren went too. All three sisters got to not only watch the show, and get lunch but also to walk the catwalk as guest models. They ended up with new shirts for themselves, with matching shirts for their dolls. The girls had a good time and even got to learn a little about history during the session.

March 17th- St Patties day.

Nothing too special this St Patties. The girls recycled last years clothes and stuck with standard school celebration.

February 19- Lumpy gets de-lumped

Sparky headed to the vet to get some tumors removed and then he had to visit work with Candice for a couple days. Poor Sparky he was unhappy about being at work and all cut up. We cannot call him Lumpy any more, and 5 days later he was back to his old self. Staples come out in two weeks and we don't expect any problems.

February 12 - Snow in Auburn

Snow, really.. in Auburn at Placer Title. Odd and ethereal at the same time.

February 7 - The great adventure

So here we are moving into 2009 and our great adventures are very paired down. This weekend we bundled up and hit the local wilderness and walked to the nearest Mongolian BBQ place for lunch. The girls thought it was pretty cool, and funny at the same time as we were "hunting for food"

January 30th- Father Daughter BBQ at school

Michael and Kaylee shared a lunch BBQ at school today. After lunch they made a birdhouse which Kaylee got to fully decorate later in the day.

January 11th- To Folsom Lake for the day

Today we headed to Folsom Lake, also known now as Folsom puddle, and adventured for the day. The girls and dogs had a blast checking out the rocks and valleys that are usually under twenty feet of water. Kaylee was very intrigued by an old cassette player we found, probably state of the art when dumped off someone's boat 20 years ago! We took a picnic lunch and drove around until we were "redirected" by a oh so helpful park ranger that let us know we were in a no powered vehicle zone. Oops!

January 4th- Boys, boys, boys

Sparky and Kip are really getting along now.. the boys play tug of war around the house quite a bit.