Current Events Archive 2010

The 'haps'

December 17/18/19 - The cookie extravaganza

This year again, headed over to the Willard's for the traditional cookie extravaganza. 15 types this year. You can get the recipes and more details here.

Christmas 2010 - DISNEYLAND! Woo!

We all voted last year and decided that we would like to have a trip instead of the pile of "things" under the tree. We headed to Disneyland for a four day truly E-Ticket experience. Check out some of the pictures here, and all the details HERE.

Turkey Day- This year at Grandpa Keith's.

Things were bright and beautiful over at Grandpa Keith's. Bryan and Linda were there and we hadn't visited with them in a long while. The food was excellent, and the political conversation quite heated. It was an enjoyable evening, even through cleanup. After dinner we headed over to Kaylee's Moms and all sat at the table for dessert and conversation. Oh in case anyone is wondering - Broccoli cauliflower and cheese in the crock makes a wonderful soup as leftovers. Just add some Tabasco and chicken stock and blend. MMM.

November 21st- Michael puts Candice to shame

After our classes, and Eduardo living comfortably in our fridge, Michael is the bread baker extraordinaire. Very yummy things are coming out of the house these days, and they aren't just from Candice.

November 8th & 15th- Girls switch to Maria Montessori Charter Academy

After some challenges in school for Michele, we went looking around for options. We happened upon Maria Montessori in October. We found that they had an opening for 4th grade, and while we were not looking for another school option for Kaylee, all four of her parents decided that it was the right switch to make. The classes are multi year combination, have two teachers, have freedom of movement and logical consequences. The school also goes through 8th grade and is less than one mile from the house. After Kaylee was officially accepted for the spot and scheduled to start on 11/8, it moved Michele up to sibling status and a spot opened for her on 11/15. Both girls are settling into the new school well, they even like their uniforms and have already made friends. Michele is in a combined 2nd/3rd class and Kaylee is in a combined 4th/5th. Here is their new school -

October 16th - playing with fondant

Practicing with fondant, chocolate ganache and cake. Oh so yummy!

October 14th- Ready set ROLL!

Off we went to the park. The girls played as normal on the playground, and then right as we were headed to the car to leave, we noticed the lovely grassy hill. So, of course Candice had to roll down the hill and show the girls how its done. Then off the girls went rolling down the hill. There were giggles for a long while, and then the grass itches started in. Heh. Lesson on grass rolling #2- head directly to the shower after!

October 12th- Eye Surgery

Candice got her eyes realigned, its the 50,000 mile manufactures suggested service ya know. It may have been harder on Michele than Candice, time for both to rest up the next day.

October 2nd- Roseville Bikefest

Michele and Candice took off in the morning to go to Roseville Bikefest. There were safety courses, a bike obstacle course and tune up and a new helmet. Thanks city of Roseville, that was a fun morning.

September 11th-13th, the anniversary trip -

Michele sent us off with a "Happy Anniversary" banner. Once on the road, the first stop was Lilliput village bakery. We learned how to make a true sourdough in a brick oven. Super Yummy! Next, we got to learn about pizza dough and eat lunch after making our own pizzas in the brick oven. We recommend this experience to ANY foodie! Sherry and Glenn are the best, their home is open to you and welcoming. There is plenty of food, good company and good information. Oh, and did I mention you get to take home a loaf of bread AND a piece of the coveted starter 'Eduardo' for your very own?

After that, we headed over to Chico, and passed by the little grand canyon tucked away between Paradise and Chico. Who knew that was here? Amazing.

In Chico, we checked into the Goodman house. Also recommended. Very quiet, clean and old fashioned. Nap time there, then off to Sierra Nevada Brewery for a quick brewery tour, a sampling of beers and some fish and chips. Then a driving tour of Chico before passing out in a bread and beer induced food coma.

Day two, off we head to Lassen Volcanic park. We hiked the bumpass hell trail, got to see some amazing geological features.

After the hike, time for lunch in the meadow and the exploration of more of the park. Oh, and the snow banks, we HAD to stop and play barefoot in the snow in our shorts. Of course we were over 8000 feet above sea level.

For the evening lodgings, we headed to a place somewhere west of Chester CA. The place is called St Bernard lodge, and I felt like I was transported to Switzerland with the wooden lodge, shared bathrooms, rustic setting and all. However, there was a new spa, which was a welcome treat after the hike! We investigated around the grounds a while, found an old burned out cottage. The rest was welcome, the country breakfast was simple but good and filling! Pancakes the size of a jeep tire!! Ok, not that big, but big enough for Candice not to finish it. The following morning we hit the road to get home in time to pick up the girls from school.

Cant wait for next years adventure!

September 3rd trip to blue lake-

Michael took a day trip to Blue lake, where there is an upper and lower lake among some fantastic scenery. A great place to get back to nature and relax.

September and ChaChaChaChaaaanges-

September brings us back to full swing in school. We decided after a handful of very stressful weeks that we would pare down to only two jobs for the adults of our family. This decision also leaves Michael home during the school day so he can be there to cook breakfast, get the girls off to school, and pick them up after school. The homework for Kaylee has been a challenge, and rather than keep trying things that weren't working, we are giving this a go. Its been only two weeks and the turnaround in the stress of the family is amazing. It is worth slimming down on the financial extras to have the peace and low stress household.

August 14 & 15 -Dad and Daughter adventure -

Michael and Kaylee went on an roughin-it adventure with Michaels friends to end the summer. It was filled with horse and quad riding, new home grown foods, tree felling and the silence of the lambs.

August 7& 8 - Kaylee's Wheelchair weekend -

As an additional life lesson, Kaylee got to spend the better part of the weekend in a wheel chair. While she thought this was pretty cool at first, she quickly learned that there are some big drawbacks as well as some advantages to the wheels instead of legs. The most important part of the exercise is that she also learned, and expressed, that it didn't matter that she was in a wheel chair, she was still the same Kaylee and wanted to do all the same things. The method of locomotion changed nothing about who she is. Lesson learned.

July 2nd to 11th- Summer Vacation -

Our trip took us outside Lincoln City Oregon, and through Tillamook this year. What a blast - check out the expanded page for all the details. Full Details & More Pictures Here- Summer 2010 

June 26th- Kaylee's Birthday Bash

Michael and Candice took Kaylee and her girlfriends out to John's Incredible Pizza, and home for a sleepover. In the midst of that planning, redecorated her room. It was a crazy 48 hours!

June 19th- Father's day cake

Candice made a four way carrot cake for her Dad for fathers day. With much help with Michael, there were five types of carrot cake made, and only four made the cut. The cake was well received at the home of Grandparents Gerard.


"What is that noise?" - Looking outside we find sheep and goats. LOTS of sheep and goats. However, it wasn't that much of a surprise as the city did call to warn us that there would be grazing herd animals outside in the near future.

May 8th- Komen walk for the cure. AKA. Save the Boobies!

Michael got up way too early this morning and met his group of UNFI buddies to participate in the walk for the cure. Save the boobies and all!

Mothers Day-

Here are some of the gifts the girls made for Candice.

May 1st- Candice's Birthday hanging out at the pool

Over to Family Kimpel's to hang out, play fish for dogs in the pool, hangout and talk by the fire and of course drink many beers. Awesome!

April 30th- Candice's Birthday.

We went out the night before to celebrate Candice's birthday. The place was in Sacramento and is called SHABU. The concept is Japanese fondue and consisted of plates and plated of meat and veggies to swish around in a broth that you continued to flavor. We both rolled out of there with very full stomachs. I do recommend it for anyone celebrating a special occasion and would like to linger for several hours over dinner.

April 18th-OMG! BEES!

So we just were going about our normal business, ready to start working on the back yard and we found a small swarm of bees in a fruit tree. Then, as the day progressed, it got larger and larger. By the time we called the "Bee-Guy" out, there were over 20 pounds of bees in the swarm. Eww. The beekeeper came up on a little enduro motorcycle with a box on the back. A few hours later the bees (Or most of them) ended up in a larger box on the back of the motorcycle, and on their way to a new home.

April 12- UNFI Creek Week- helping Roseville with the creeks.

We met a large group of UNFI employees at a local Roseville creek to assist the removal of weeds around trees by the creek. The whole family went, even accompanied by Kaylee's little sister Lauren. We weeded and carted mulch all morning, then ate a well deserved pizza lunch.

April 3rd & 4th- EASTER

Hopping across the greenbelt to the community Easter Egg hunt has become a family tradition. Family Kimpel helped the girls do the egg hunt, and make chalk pictures and many many candies were found by all. The next day, we headed over to our own Granite Bay Easter Egg Park and met with our cousins for a little dodging raindrop egg hunt. The kids stopped for a funny pose which had us all giggling.

March - St Patties Leprechaun Treasure hunt.

As per family tradition, the sneaky leprechaun left many a clue this St Patrick's day for us to follow for his hidden treasure. This year the girls were challenged separately, and the clues of course were harder than last year. Lots of math, and logic and creative thinking to get to this years treasure. The girls had fun and said that they cant wait for next years!

February 20th, Welcome Banjo.

On the heels of losing Sparky, we went a couple weeks with Kip wandering aimlessly around the house, stopping to bark at Candice. He was anxious and uncomfortable. Where as some of us were not over the loss of our old man quite yet, the rest of the family was ready to move forward. In an odd set of circumstances, we were led to a picture of a young Chihuahua mix when looking for 4-5 year old pit bull mix. We went to visit and found that he is a great match for our family, and especially Kip. I think he is Pit/Chihuahua/Queensland Heeler, but its really anyone's guess. He is 30 pounds and about 6 months old.

February 14th, Surprise Valentines.

Candice surprised Michael at his work with a large heart made of Dr Pepper asking "Wouldn't you like to be my pepper too?", and Michael retaliated with a Beer-Quet of Fat Tire with the note that he wasnt sure if he wanted to be my pepper. Seems he got a bit of teasing at work. Hehe.

February 7th, Super bowl Sunday trip to Soda Springs!

We decided to retreat from the normal functions and head to Soda Springs Kids park this year. We had a wonderful time on the tubes, and both girls tried snowboarding. Kaylee jumped on the board and didn't look back, she was amazing.

January 30th, Saying Goodbye is never easy.

Today after a very sudden onset of symptoms, and two hours in ER, our good friend and furry family member moved on from this world. Sparky was diagnosed with ruptured internal organs, a large mass (cancer most likely) in his abdomen, and a poor at best chance of survival of surgery. It was his time to move on, and a very hard decision for us. He was a great dog, and will be sorely missed after 13 wonderful years. We love you Sparky!

January 16-18th, Girls Trip To Disneyland.

What a weekend! Cindy, Candice, Rita and Tammy all took off for a girls Disney weekend. We started the weekend by finding the coolest night spot called Fire and Ice. We had some KILLER habanero french fries and tall beers. Oh, did I mention it was around midnight? Anyway, after that we headed to the hotel (thanks to Rita!) right around the corner, for an hour or two of shuteye. Saturday morning came very quickly as Candice roused the troops shortly after 5am. We had to be at the park by 6:30am to get to our 7:00am Segway tour of Disney California Adventure. Why so early you ask? Well because it was before the park opened. We ate breakfast in the VIP lounge, and then got a private tour for a couple hours of the existing DCA environment, as well as VIP sneak peeks of what is to come in the next couple years. What a blast! All the girls had a blast on the Segway scooters, we all wanted one when we were done. Saturday afternoon and evening was spent running from ride to ride in both DCA and Disney. Sunday morning seemed pretty early, but all the girls were up and moving and we closed down the park, being on a ride when the closing announcement was made. Not bad for a bunch of middle aged women! Oh, did I mention all this in the middle of a HUGE rain storm on Sunday? We sported our ponchos, and ran and ran, soaked to the bone on the lower half. But heck, its Disney! . We all stopped at the mad hatter to get hats to help with the rain, and Rita found a perfect pirate hat for Candice. (say.. yes sir captn sir!) By Monday morning, we had a few hours to squeeze in some ride time and Candice and Tammy took advantage before hopping on the plane for home. Bye Bye Disney.. for about 320 days, see you for Christmas 2010!

January 16-18th, Michael's birthday adventure.

Michael took off for the weekend headed for Las Vegas. After a stay at Circus Circus and a massive and truly tasty dinner at MESA grill, it was a restful night before heading off for some Jeep adventures in Death Valley. He stopped for the night and camped in Death Valley, then took the less traveled way home through Bishop CA. Why Bishop you ask? Well, they have the best jerky place in the country!