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Christmas 2012 -   Christmas suprise trip to the Magic Kingdom!  YIPPEE.

The latest scoop

Chickens, goats, pumpkins oh my!   We are suburban homesteading as much as we can here in Rocklin.  We have chickens, goats and veggies and more fruit and nut trees on the way.  Doing our best to channel our inner Earl Vincents! (Candice's great grandpa, a farmer)

The 'haps'


This year we spent Decemer decorating the house, the tree, grandmas tree and house.  Then guess what?  The fatman kicked down with a trip to Disneyland for Christmas.  Score!   What an awesome Christmas.  See some Disney details here  On a more somber note, our Grandpa Keith passed away, he will be missed.


Finally some rain!  We started the month with some gardening.   Then of course there was Thanksgivng, which was a small affair this year. We headed over to John & Kelli's for food and some outdoor bouncing.  November was a nice quiet month. 


One of our favorite months.  Decorating, dress-up, pumpking picking and carving.  This year the month also included a trip to Apple Hill with grandparents Gerard, a report on the Egyptian goddess MUT, and one on Sally Ride.  There was even a play about exploring out west.   Candice took a week off and went to visit the Hannas in Washington.  Then to finish off the month was the Rocklin Community Service day, and Halloween night of course.


September was very full of activity. Michael coached MMCA cross country, and hosted "Take your kid mountain biking day".  The chickens kept growing, and decided they could hold their own with the dogs and now have free run of the yard.  Candice baked, of course, and found a few theives in the chocolate dipped brownie bombs.   Michael's parents came in for a visit and we checked out some San Francisco sights, and to top it off we worked in the school garden and partipated in the school wide campout. Oh, and I almost forgot there were Halloween preparations to make.    Is September supposed to be this busy?


Chickens! Our six little peepers came home this month and got set up in their temporary range and new coop. We continued to care for the school garden and watch it grow, and even the chickens got in on the care with their own pest control action.  (yes, they all went in a dog carrier in the back of the car with us to the garden.. alot).  In the garden was a bumper crop of Kabocha squash, which was the subject of many baking experiments.  We did the slip n slide thing, visited family, and enjoyed the remaining free summer. August was also clean-out-your-closet-back-to-school time.  We found Michele's shoes fit Candice, and that Mongolian BBQ makes a good "last meal" lunch before school starts.   Lucky for us, Kevin snapped a picture of Kaylee the first day of school for Kaylee, as Michele got out of here without the camera documenting.  Sneaky girl.


NEW DIRECTIONS! July brings all of us in new directions and concepts. Kaylee headed off for three weeks at summer camp for a feel for being on her own without four parents and three sisters. Michele hit up summer camp for her first week. Michael built a chicken coop and we planned our first draft of Rocklin-ite homesteading home and garden retrofits.  Of course there was also much baking during the month, but thats not much news.   July also brought Candice's half sister out to visit and we had a nice dinner and conversation.  Thanks Cherryl for coming to visit all the way from WA state.


End of school, and Kaylee's birthday is what June means. We had crazy hair day, end of school parties, lounge at the park day and of course go learn to surf weekend for Kaylee's birthday. June was finishing school, and getting into the swing of summer.


May brings HP to our school and four days of concentrated work in the garden, Folsom's Run with Nature the Wild Way, and the Duck Dash in Rocklin. Lots of outdoor calorie burining for this family.  We also got to visit with some relatives from the Candices's Mom's Mom side of the family and see some old pictures and hear some great stories.


April is a busy month, with 1880's day, garden work, Easter egg hunt in Granite Bay with Grandmas-a-plenty, Run Rocklin, mini golf and of course some outdoor cooking. Whew!



Running inbetween the rain drops, we put in lots of time in the school garden. Things are looking nice, a few more months and it will be done and full functional for the students. Then what project next is the question...

February- The Goodie and garden Month

Home made chocolate covered strawberries, personal pies and creme brulee is the name of the game this month

Michele helped planting bulbs in the school garden, and Kaylee helped with the overhaul of her room at Moms.

January- The Birthday Month

Michele's Birthday-  Micheles birthday started at Girlfriendz, where they turned into Diva rockstars for an hour or two. Next stop dinner at Bucca, and topped off with some games at home and a sleepover.

Michaels Birthday - As Christmas and birthday Michael upgrades to a new to him bike that is even taller than ol Red. Almost 4" tall at the seat hight. Kaylee made him a homemade cherry pie thanks to Grandma Nancy's recipe, and Michele made him a Happy Birthday banner

Starting the year right! To start the year we headed out with the Williams family to a new experience for the family, Turkish food, Yum! Then we hit the local go cart track for some not so serious family racing. Michael only got two warnings about not bumping, and it was a bit chilly, but of course we had a great time.