The 'haps'


December brings another joyous trip to the land of the Mouse.  This time we took our first trip to Orlando.   While the pipes were freezing at home, we were hanging out in our shorts, visiting the waterparks, riding the rides and exploring the land known as Walt Disney World. More details to come



Its all about the food and the family.  Oh wait... isn't it always about family and food?   This Thanksgiving we got to use Candice's grandparents Hall table, as it was handed down after they passed.   It was sad, but also happy that the table gets to now see so much more family time, even after 30 years.   We also managed to do some damage to a local indoor race track with our friends Suzi and Noland Williams.   There was very little photo evidence, seeing as a group we managed to do some major remodeling to their track.  I think we may be welcome to go back......maybe.   The Placer Title 40th birthday party was also this month, we had fun but as normal, Michael avoided being caught on camera all dressed up!

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HALLOWEEN!! We (I mean Michael) worked on our back slope to get ready for the chicken pasture.  Of course there was decorating, and spooky dinner parties and oh.. digging up sweet potatoes at work.   Yes, that is the CFO of our company in our office garden with his hands in the dirt.  Lovin it!

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Off to Oregon to play in the trees and have some hang out time with the family Hanna, and Hatton.  We did an epic three day puzzle, cooked and just relaxed and enjoyed the time.    We also had a sleepover with cousins, and of course spent some time in any pools we could find! 

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July brings us to summer camp time at Leoni Meadows.  This year Kaylee went for three weeks, but managed to break her arm in the middle.  She was a trooper and stayed with the broken arm.  Michele went for two weeks of base camp, and Lauren joined for a week as well.

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This is a month of parties, chickens and working the front yard garden. Michele and Kaylee had birthdays to attend, including her own. There were vegetables to pick, weeds to pull and eggs to gather.  Nothing like life on a suburban farm.    

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The Folsom Wild Way run got the family moving, up and over and through obstacles.  We had 4H and science fairs and a ukulele concert at school too.  

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The family computer decided it was done.  The website moved to a blog format so it could be edited on an iPad.  That lasted about six months and then back to old HTML we went with a new desktop.  Amidst the epic computer battle, we managed to sneak in some fun with the Williams Family and do some rock climbing, and foil a workmates desk for her 50th.  The cloudy weather, and computer issues couldnt keep us away from the go karts either

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Out with the remainder of the front lawn. In with a planting bed full of flowers that the neighbors can see and edibles that we can see, and of course harvest. Check out "house and stuff" for more details on how that project came to be.  We also managed to get an overlook bench built on the back slope.   The month also brings us two more chicks from our very own "Fluffy" having been a surrogate parent to 17 incubator hatched chicks. (2 of which came home with her) There were good times, giggles and cupcakes.... until the disaster at school.  Not the report cards, the mock disaster where our girls get to be fake injured to test the 7th and 8th grade kids first responder skills.  Its pretty cool.  As March winds down,we are starting to plan a summer adventure, and looking to find something odd and interesting this Spring fror the family to do.  Underwater basket weaving? Rocket pack lessons? Sand surfing?  Oh, Im sure we will think of something!

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Time to rip out the front lawn!  We decided its much more suited for a garden path environment and using the water and soil resources for growing of food for us, not just for the lawnmower.   In between ripping out the lawn, we managed to celebrate Mardi Gras, king cake, gumbo, beignets and all as well as have some fun with friends.    Our chickens decided also the weather was perfect to start laying eggs, so all our girls of varying sizes started laying eggs that matched. 

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January brings our first home grown chicken eggs.  Our littlest hen was the first to lay her eggs.  It is also Michele's birthday month, so we made her class goodies, and she had a party.  We also had time to hang out with our friends and enjoy in the back yard with a nice fire on a cold night.

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DECEMBER2012 /January

Christmas 2012 trip to Disneyland!   See more Disney details here

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