We took off this year the week before Christmas and headed for a true

E-TICKET experience at Disneyland!


First, jump in the car at 4:00am, and head on out.  See these smiles on doing some homework on the way? I think only Disneyland can do that.  Next stop was the Disneyland hotel and our newly renovated room in the Dreams Tower.  The room had a light up mural with fireworks and the castle, complete with theme music of "A dream is a wish your heart makes.." The room and the view were perfect!



Next, it was head up to the E-Ticket club on the 11th floor, first time visiting for all of us.  We all got a special gold key that allowed us in.   The service was spectacular, and the girls got to frost their own snowmen cookies.  We returned many many times during our trip for refreshments and some quiet time.


After fueling up in the lounge we hit Downtown Disney.  The search was immediately on for the illusive Reindeer Cupcake.  Much to Candice's dismay, there were none to be found.. the entire trip!  We did see some very cool caramel apples and spectacular Christmas decorations.  The weather was in the low 80's and we were toasty for our first day, how lucky is that?


FIRST Item on the agenda, Disney California Adventure,, California Screamin coaster, the girls love it and aren't scared.  Then next, to the ferris wheel.  Go figure, THAT was the ride that had them screaming for real.

Video of the screams.  Its very funny

The next three days were a whirlwind! Day two and three were much like the first, without the travel time.   We stayed from opening to closing both days. We hit the coaster at least 15 times, as well as World of Color, the Christmas parade and Aladdin.  We watched Fireworks from the 11th floor lounge, great seats. We of course went chasing characters around for autographs and pictures too. 















Got to catch the girls working nicely together when they thought no parents were watching.  Wow!!  Of course, they were working together to raise pirate treasure, so perhaps that is the secret.



Grandparents and Candice got to see the Christmas parade, kids and big kid Michael were off at DCA.




In Disney California, the girls and grandparents played in the carnival, and we went on Screamin over and over again.  The girls even got to go in Screamin without parents.  First ride all by themselves.




We had a character breakfast in the Storytellers Cafe where the girls were messed with  and squeezed on by various bears and Timon.


Our special Lunch was at the Blue Bayou, where we got to heckle the guests on the Pirates ride and found a supremely well hidden Mickey.  Its in the pictures here, look close.  M decided to take a power nap before the Bayou lunch



Kaylee found her own place, however we didn't get to visit as it was an after 6pm only club, just bad timing.

The girls had time, and the weather to swim in the pool



The evenings looked like this within 10 minutes of returning to the room



Going home... crash!


Bye until next time Mickey!