Chistmas          2013  

Well Hello Mickey Mouse! Is that a bit more of a tan I see from the Florida weather?  
2013 brings our families FIRST trip to the Land of the Mouse, Florida style.

We learned one of the biggest differneces is THE BUS and the transportation hub.   We leared to entertain oursevles and nap while waiting to go place to place
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We also found out that there was a mini golf course that was always decorated for winter and Christmas and water parks too!   Of course we had to check that out.
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WOW - Richard Petty driving experience?   Like over 100 mph in real cars?   OH YEAH!  Michael and Grandpa Ken enjoyed this little ride while their pit crew and cheering section awaited their safe return to the pits.

Of course, have I mentioned that we stayed in the most awesome suite?   OH, I didnt?  Well we had a double suite with a kitchen and delivered groceries and all, but the VIEW.  What a view!  Animals to watch all times of day right from our room, or dining area.
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As if this adventure was not chock full of fun already, there was a dinner theater and that was another first for the family. 
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Did I mention we are at DISNEY WORLD?  We had several parks, with new rides and experiences to enjoy. 
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There was the world Expo, with all sorts of foods and cultures to enjoy.
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Havent had enough Disney during the day?  Well, it was time to attend the after hours Very Merry Christmas Party of course for special rides, shows and sweet treats.
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As a special thank you treat, the adults were sent to dinner at Victoria and Alberts, in the private dining room with custom menus.  We were all dressed up nice, and probably shouldnt have been taking pictures like awkward tourists, but we did it anyway.  heck, it was a once in a lifetime dinner thats for sure!

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Menu - Menu cover
Of course it wouldnt be a family vacation without photos of Michael trying to duck out of camera range.
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