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Nov 2008!


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It starts on Friday May 4th, Airport bound

Our flight leads out, pretty good but a tad bumpy, check out Kaylee's expression.  Then after landing, it was a unique trip on the Disneyland bus, with quite the talkative driver to the Disneyland Hotel.   We get to the hotel, make a couple friends while we are waiting to check in and then up to the room on the 8th floor.   WOW, what a view.  We had a suite with a view of Downtown Disney!


The Adventure Continues, Friday Night at Disneyland

After we get checked into the room, its time for some grub.  We walked out of our hotel, note the beautiful walkway, and then we headed over to the Rain Forest Cafe in Downtown Disney.  Everyone was in a good mood, and the girls especially liked the atmosphere of the Cafe, with the simulated rain showers and multiple animitronics.  (VIDEO to follow)


With our stomachs satisfied, its off to the first ride of the day, the Monorail.  The stop in Downtown Disney is only steps from our hotel room and we are off to the Magic Kingdom!.


So now its STRAIGHT to Toon Town, we figure its a good warm up place for the girls, as its Kaylee's first visit and the deer-in-the-headlights look is starting to come out. The first ride after playing in the playrooms and cars was the rollercoaster.  Who looks more unsure of that ride, Kaylee or Cris?  


Next stop, Its a small world.  That should be a good counterpart to the rollercoaster.  Michele however was not thrilled to start and you will notice Candice having to put her in the ride, literally kicking and screaming.  Kaylee, on the other hand, was ready to rock, jumped in without hesitation and enjoyed the ride

Check out the Small World and Dancing VIDEO


From Its a Small World to the teacups, and onto the carousel.  The cast members at the teacups and the carousel gave Kaylee and Michele special "1000 dreams" Tinkerbelle pins.  

Check out the Tea Party VIDEO


Off the carousel, and a stop to attempt to pull out the kings sword before walking through the castle an onto explore more of the magic of Walt Disney.


Then here we go, onto the Pirates of The Caribbean, haunted house, and back to Star Tours to end the day.  The last ride of the day was on the monorail back to the hotel, and for the first time for all of us, the ride in the nose with the conductor, too cool.  We were all pretty tires on the way back, it had been a long exciting day.



Back to the hotel, for sounds of classical guitar on the Disney plaza, a call to let K's mom know we were settled into the hotel, then some dancing and playing around, then watching the fireworks spectacular.


Check out the fireworks VIDEO

Recap of Rides, and Touchdown

DAY 2, Saturday May 5th

Okay sleepy-heads, time to wake up!  Kaylee caught a few extra winks while Michele enjoyed the sunshine on the balcony.  Then we headed off for breakfast.  Good job Disney, we even had fresh fruit and a muffin for breakfast to power up for the adventure to come.  Also, note that Grandpa was up way before us and waiting for us with coffee in hand.


After breakfast, we ended up in the rear end of the monorail, another first for all.  Quite the nice view.   First stop, the Matterhorn bobsleds for Kaylee and Michael then they went onto Space Mountain, and Star Tours. Michele was not so sure about those rides, so it was and the teacups for Michele and Candice.  



After the first rides were out of our system, Kaylee happened to notice the face painting area.   Notice also, Grandpas wallet being whipped out to pay, Thanks Grandpa!


Next, onto Dumbo, the carousel (again) and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Both Michele and Kaylee were not so sure about this one.  Kaylee screeched, well, like a little girl, and laughed all the way through.  Michele exited the ride with "that was fun".  


Next, onto Indian Jones for all except Candice and Michele, who hung out and rested. Kaylee decided that she didn't much care for the Indiana Jones ride, that the theme was a bit too scary.  Then it was on to the Jungle Cruise, which is hammed up and quite funny.  After a few other stops, it was back on the monorail, and to the Rain Forest Cafe for lunch, and heading back to the hotel for a pirate adventure


Back at the hotel, we waited for Pirate Dave to arrive.  When he did, he launched into a tale about Tinkerbelle and a secret treasure.  He got all the kids outfitted with pirate bandanas, arm bands and eye patches and started the hunt for the secret clues throughout the Disney hotel grounds.  They ended up at a treasure chest, where each little pirate got to pick out three pieces of treasure for their very own.

Check out the Pirates VIDEO


Next, it was off for a little silliness on the air vents, and time for a nap


After nap, time everyone is refreshed and its time to hit California Adventure. We walked down Downtown Disney, checking out some of the shops.  Then it was on to "Bugs Life" kids adventure land with trips through watermelons, little bumper cars, and spinning lady bugs.


Our last event of the day, was priority seating for the electric light parade at California Adventure.  We sat in the wine pavilion, and had a great unobstructed view of the parade.  The only drawback is that they fed us meat and cheese and wine, and we had all just eaten dinner at the sourdough bread factory a little bit before.  Kaylee had a great time, screaming and cheering for her favorites, and really enjoyed the characters in the parade as they talked and waved at her.   Michele wasn't quite sure of some of the characters as she has not seen many Disney films, but seemed to enjoy the music quite well

Check out the parade VIDEO


DAY 3, Sunday May 6th


Today started with a trip to the Creole Cafe for beignet and chicory coffee, too yummy!  It was then off to California Adventure for the show at PlayHouse Disney. We watched Jo-Jo, Bear and Pooh to name a few. Both girls enjoyed the show.  Then it was back to Disney and a quick picnic lunch in the hotel room.  Later in the day we headed back to California Adventure for guess what, more rides!


That evening it was time for dinner at Goofys Kitchen.  We had a huge dinner, where in Candice celebrated her birthday with not only piling on enough desserts to create a mountain of a plate, but also received a song from the characters and staff, and a special birthday cupcake and pin.  It was noted as Goofy was walking by that it was a bit off to not see Goofy as the tallest in the room, hence Goofy grabbed a chair, and stood on it, giving a big paw to he who may have dwarfed him.

Check out the Happy Birthday VIDEO


Goodnight Mickey.. the little girl in blue is Kaylee saying goodnight to Disneyland for yet another evening.


DAY 4, Monday May 7th


Today Candice and her Dad took off for the early entry, no breakfast necessary, see the little specs as they race off to early entry rides.


  Kaylee opted to sleep in, so Michael stayed with her.  They took off later in the morning and stopped for a late breakfast/early lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe.  Notice the recurring theme here?  Kaylee adopted the signature frog from the Cafe and carried it around with her the rest of the day.  Next, was a glimpse of  Cinderella's carriage, and onto do the Tower of Terror, Grizzly water ride the Muppets 3D. The bonus of the day was Kaylee being taunted by a talking trash can, see the video.

Check out the trash can VIDEO


Michele and Grandma Cris took off and went their own way for the morning, they got pictures with the characters and played in the water park.  A break at the Nestle cookie baking class paid off with a little bit of sharing with a cast member, and an employee only not for sale collectors pin. Way to go Michele! 



After lunch, the family all met back up at the Boudin sourdough bread factory, for some grub and four loaves of bread to take home.  Two of which were in the shape of Mickey Mouse.  There were a couple more rides tossed in on the way back to the hotel. Then it was wait for the bus, head off to the airport, back on the plane, and boy, was everyone tired!  WOW what a trip!



M I C - K E Y - M O U S E




Thank you all for stopping to enjoy our pictures.