Day one- On the way and first day. 

We got up and were on the road shortly after 4am, drove the distance this year.  We got to Disneyland in good time and hit the park.  The day was autopia and tower of terror and Rain Forest Cafe for dinner.  What a way to start the trip.  The evening we found another benefit of the two room suite, that is the awesome, warm and comfy view of the fireworks.



Day 2 -  Thanksgiving Day. 

No cooking here, just playing in the park, going on rides, getting face paint and even checking our the enchanted Tiki room for the first time for Grandparents Gerard.  We played on the pirates island and went on some more rides and headed to Hooks Point for someone else to cook thanksgiving dinner while we had margaritas with Mickey Mouse ears.  When we got back to our hotel room, not only were our rooms turned down for bed, but we had chocolates and cookies on the bed, and little wash cloth turkeys in our bathrooms.  You have to just LOVE Disney.



Day 3 - Friday, Toon Town Madness.

Early Entry into toon town before the crowds, then onto the orange stinger.. over and over.  It is the big orange building in California Adventure with swings inside.   California Adventure is also beautiful at night, oh and did I mention they have a boudin sourdough bakery on site!



Time to check out the "house of the future" which is VERY cool, and a small detour after to the loss of Kaylee's tickets to city hall, where she very nicely asked for a replacement and they obliged. 


Then on the monorail, off the monorail, front of the Monorail, back of the Monorail, new Monorailcars, old Monorail cars.. to Rain Forest Cafe, from Rain Forest Cafe, onto Dumbo, the "stand in line" ride, more rides and some pictures with Mickey.   You all know the drill.





Day 4 - Early entry

Today we got to be chased by a marching band, get pictures with the Fairy God Mother, Eeyore and Pooh.  More Tower of Terror, Space Mountain and running through the Pirates Island.  We stopped for some pictures at santas sleigh, got to see reindeer and then got a special "Fairly Tale Town" boat tour as our tour stopped at Cinderella's castle to watch the nightly fireworks spectacular.



Day 5 - Eating at Goofy's kitchen and getting on the road to come home.   We started the day with food, frolic and fun.  The gang at Goofy's kitchen came around, got mischievous and funny and also fed us great food!  Stuffed we all rolled to the car to head home.