Cross Country Running

10/09/2012 - Weimar Invitational
10/12/2012 -Panther Invitational
10/17/2012 - Lone Tree Park (end of 2012 SEASON)


I didnt get to run these meets, as I broke my little toe on Oct 6th and was on crutches for two weeks

10/03/2012 - Sonora Park


Today was a good run, but there was an error with my time calculation due to picture failures. I ran 8:?? bit I do know I was 28th in my division.  

09/27/2012 - Colfax Elementary


Colfax is my kind of place. Today I ran a time of 8:37, which put me 13th in my division! 

09/25/2012 - Falcon Invitational


The practice is paying off.  I ran an 8:17 and placed 36th in my division

09/21/2012 - Loomis Basin Park


This is the first meet of the 2012 season.  Both of my little sisters are running XC this year, and neither can keep up with me.

10/13/2011 - Rocklin's Johnson Springview Park


Meet 3 - MMCA XC - It was a nice cool day, good for running and the course wasnt that hard. My time was super at 7:49, however everyone else had a good day too, I came in 43rd in my division.

9/29/2011 - Colfax

Meet 2 - MMCA XC- My time was 9:50 and I came in 22nd in my division!   Slower time, but better results.  The terrain was difficult

9/20/2011 - Granite Oaks

Meet 1 - MMCA XC - Today was a super hot day, but everyone gave their all.   My time was 8:28 and I came in 35th in my division.

September 2011 - MMCA gets a Cross Country Team

My Dad takes on the role of Cross Country coach for my school.   Pretty cool huh?  He even set up a facebook -

4/10/2011 Kids Fun Run - Sacramento

After a bit of confusion, the red blur speeds by....

4/3/2011 8th Annual Run Rocklin

Kaylee made considerable progress on her 5k run time thanks to "TT" (Auntie Jennifer Flynn) she shaved 4 minutes off her time with a 30.04. Great Job!.  

2/6/2011 Super bowl Sunday 5K run


Kaylee's time for this Super Bowl Sunday 5k was again 34 minutes at 34.32 specifically.  6th in her age group.  

The two pictured with her are fellow MMCA running club members

1/25/2011 Running School/Whole Foods 5K


Kaylee runs the 5k at the Fountains in Roseville in 34 minutes.  Great time for Kaylee, plus she ran another mile with Michele directly after the 5k!

10/28/2010 Meet


This was the first season running.  Kaylee placed better and better in each meets, and is determined to practice and be ready for next season