Ancestors of Michele Erika GERARD

Third Generation


Robert "Bob" Lee OLBERDING was born 16 Aug 1943.  Currently married to Marsha Honey

[Parents - Cyril Olberding & Susan Mixon]



Nancy Lynn MCMURRAY was born 30 Aug 1948 in Marysville Kansas.  Currently married to Fred Coleman

[Parents - William McMurray III & Janice Hunt]



[Child - Michael Olberding]   (Nancy and Bob)

 Child - Laura Olberding   (Nancy and Bob)

 Grandchild - Josh Olberding  (Lori Olberding and Richard Hart)

Kenneth Eugene GERARD was born 22 Dec 1944. He married Cristie Adele HALL.

 [Parents - Aloysius Gerard & Leola Marshall]

Cristie Adele HALL was born 10 Nov 1947.

[Parents - Keith Hall & Lorna Longstreth]

  [Child - Candice Gerard]

Grandma "#2"

Michele Elaine Hatton was born April 5th. She married Ken Hatton. (Michele pictured on the left, Cindy her daughter in the middle, and my Grandpa Ken Gerard on the right)

No blood relation, but Michele has been my Moms "Mom #2" since she was a little girl, as Cindy and my Mom have been like sisters since her fourth grade year in school.   So, she is my Grandma #2 and I get the privilege of being her first grandbaby!

  {Child - Cindy Hatton}

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