Ancestors of Michele Erika GERARD

Fourth Generation

(Great Grandparents)

Cyril Francis OLBERDING was born 10 Oct 1914. He died 22 Feb 1980 and was buried in Seneca, Kansas. Cyril married Susan Belle MIXON.


[Parents - Henry Olberding & Mary Runnebaum]


Susan Belle MIXON was born 22 Jan 1921. She died 23 Jul 1977 and was buried Jul 1977 in Seneca, Kansas.


[Parents - Elwyn Mixon & Mabel Wells]


[Child - Robert Lee Olberding]

Child - Daniel Olberding

Child - Susan Olberding

Child - James Olberding

Child - Sally Olberding

William James III MCMURRAY was born 31 Oct 1921 in Burlington, Kansas. He married Janice Fern HUNT. (Picture on right from 1946)


 [Parents - William McMurray Jr & Elva Sanders ]

Janice Fern HUNT was born 14 Mar 1921 in Blue Rapids, Kansas.


[Parents - Daniel Hunt & Cordelia Smith]


[Child - Nancy McMurray]

Child - Barbara McMurray

Child - David McMurray

Child - James McMurray

Aloysius Morris GERARD was born 18 May 1903 in Tehama Co Or Glenn Co, CA. He died 2 Jul 1981 in Sacramento, CA. Aloysius married Leola Christine MARSHALL.   Young  picture of Al

[Parents - Joseph Girard & Mary Fortier]

Leola Christine MARSHALL was born 25 Apr 1904 in Pine Creek, Tehama Co, CA. She died 16 Nov 1958 in Sacramento, CA.   Young picture of Leola

[Parents- Wm Henry Marshall & Cynthia Berkeley]


[Child - Kenneth Gerard]

Child - Jack Gerard  - young picture of Jack

Child - Bob Gerard - another picture of Bob

Child - Stephanie Gerard

Keith Harold HALL was born 17 Feb 1927. He married Lorna Lorraine LONGSTRETH. He later was remarried to Marilyn Gutenberger.  Marilyn had three children when they married.  William, Donna and Linda Gutenberger. (Keith, Lorna and Cristie pictured here.)

[Parents - Irving Hall & Della Clodfelter]   

Lorna Lorraine LONGSTRETH She married Keith Hall, and later remarried Loran Thorson, pictured here

[Parents - Laurence Longstreth & Leona Clydesdale]


[Child - Cristie Hall]  (Lorna and Keith)

Child - Bryan Hall  (Lorna and Keith)  Bryan and Kim Wedding Pic

Child - Kelli Thorson  (Lorna and Loran)


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