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My Friends and Extended Family

 Kelli Maureen Thorson - born February 14, 1970. Married John T Willard.

 [Kelli's Parents - Loran and Lorna Thorson}

Child: Hayden Willard (Born 6/14/05)

 Kelli - Candice's Aunt, Cris Gerard's half sister.  She has been more like a sister to Candice since they are the same age and were raised together.  So, I will adopt her as my Auntie as well.   I like John too, they bring me goodies and spoil me already, and they are always smiling.  I think I will keep both of them.


Cindy and Mark Hanna

{Cindy's Parents - Michele and Ken Hatton }

Cindy has been in my Moms life since grade school, they are like sisters.  I've now adopted Cindy as my Aunt.  When she came and visited me, and I made sure not to burp on her or anything, so I wouldn't chase her away.  I like the Mark too... he made me the coolest outfit with a hand drawn gecko on it.  They are both very nice and spoil me with presents.  Though no blood relation, they are definately part of my family.

 Tammy & John Kimpel 

Children: Nicole, Danielle and Janae

Tammy is officially my "Fairy God Mother" , and her whole family has been friends with my Mom and Dad for a long while. They were the first people to watch over me when I was only two weeks old, and my parents needed some time to themselves.   Both Tammy and John cuddle with me and keep me all happy and cozy.  Plus all the girls hold and play with me, and treat me like a princess. I'm a lucky girl to have all of them in my life.

Earl Roscoe Vincent

Earl married Leona Clydesdale and is remembered fondly by all who knew him.  He was a farmer in Sacramento County for most of his adult life.  Pictured on the right is an article written about him.  He was known as "Grandpa V" to his grandchildren, great grandchildren and those neighborhood children who adopted him.   He and Leona were married more than 50 years.   Mom says that I would have really liked him.


  Terry and Brenda Smith

Brenda is my Dads cousin, she married Terry and they have two children Jordan and Remmington.  Brenda's mother is Barbara McMurray, sister to Nancy McMurray (My Grandmother)  Brenda and Terry have been there for Dad  when he moved to California, and have supported him through some very bad times.  They spoil me and my parents, and the boys make me feel safe and secure.   I'm sure no one is going to mess with me with those boys around!