Date Weight & Height
6 Years 1/22/09  4'1" size 7/8
5 Years 1/20/08 49.8 lbs & 3' 10.5" (6 / Girls SM 13 shoes)
4 Years 1/22/07 44 lbs & 3' 8" (5T / Girls SM.  12 shoes)
3 Years 1/12/06 39.5 lbs & 3' 5"   (4T clothes 10 shoes)
2 Years  1/22/05 35lbs &  3' 2"    (3T clothes, 8.5 shoes) 
22 months  11/29/04 34lbs & 37 inches  (3T & 7 shoes)
16 months   5/25/04 27lbs 14oz  &  34.75 in    (2T & 6.5 shoes)
12 months  1/27/04 24lbs 15oz & 32.5 inches
10 months  11/24/03 22lbs 7oz & 31 inches
9 months    10/31/03 22 lbs 6oz & 30 inches
8+ months  10/03/03 20 lbs 15.5oz & 29.5 inches
6 months     7/24/03 18 lbs 5oz & 27.5 inches
4 months     5/23/03 15 lbs 6oz & 27 inches

2+ months   4/2/03

12 lbs 11oz & 24 inches
six weeks    3/4/03 11 lbs 4oz & 23 inches
one week     1/29/03 8 lbs  7oz & 21.5 inches
birth    1/22/03   (11:03am)  8 lbs  4oz & 21.5 inches





The Year 2009 - Michele creating herself.

This year finds us leaving the pages where Mommy and Daddy have been my voice and updating the web and is now moving to where they will only be the helpers.   Please see my new page.  "What is Michele Doing?" where I am going to narrate my own happenings and perhaps learn this web page thing so I don't need much help.



The Year 2008 - Creating Michele, the girl not the child.

2008 is starting out well for me.  Here we are just half way through and I have graduated from preschool, and a little nervous about kindergarten.   In my preschool graduation, I told everyone I wanted to be a movie star.  Hey, stop laughing!  I can be a movie star.. stifle the giggles or I am not inviting you to the premiers!  This summer is seeing me become very independent.  I can make my own food for breakfast, I am or course getting myself ready for the day.  My reading writing and mathematics have really taken off, even reading some small books (and quite proud of it!)  I have very distinct likes and dislikes now, more so than just looking to Mom, Dad or Kaylee for choices. I DON'T like 'scary' movies or even cartoons, but I do like singing and dancing VERY much. For now, I am hanging out, having fun with Kylie and Makenna (who are in second grade) and Cole (Who is almost exactly two years younger than me), they are my friends from the neighborhood.  I am also going to my new black belt club classes for TaeKwonDo.  As of October I have started Kindergarten, and I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.  I even love doing my homework.   Kaylee's other little sister Lauren was is in my class, and we are good friends, however in November I was switched to Rocklin Academy and now I'm back in class with a friend from preschool, Valeria. I am enjoying this class even more than the first one!  Mom and Dad have switched schedules a bit and I am staying with Kaylee's mom a couple days a week while Mom and Dad work, and I am having fun there too!  What an awesome year this is, I love school, home is good, I have started hip hop classes which are fun and I rock and roll in Taekwondo, wow, life is great!  Currently, one of my favorite thing to do is go to pancakes with Mom on the weekends, then go to Costco and 'graze' through the vendor samples, or ride my bicycle with Daddy.



The Year 2007 - The year of initial independence  

The year started off great, enrolling in TaeKwonDo in April, and moving through the entire "little dragons" class and 4 belts on my way to the Black Belt Club.  I am scheduled to start in the Black Belt Club in December 07, that's before I even turn 5.   I will then begin on the adult TaeKwonDo forms and on the 4 year path to become a certified black belt, and maybe even master a weapon or two... all before I leave grade school.   I very happily started back to my preschool for Monday-Wednesday-Friday three hours a day in Rocklin Preschool.  I sure did miss my friends.   My best buddies this year are Joshua and Silas, and I talk about them at home all the time.   I am learning more, and have mastered about 1/2 of the kindergarten curriculum, so I should be set to go next year when 'real' school starts.   My mom laughs each evening when I make sure I do my homework before going to bed, I love math problems and am starting to read small sentences, and I make sure I practice almost every night.   Its fun!  As always, I'm growing growing growing... and singing singing singing.  In my TaeKwonDo class, I was asked to make a poster of imagination and what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I chose "Rock-Star Mommy".  That made a lot of people laugh and be happy, and I do so enjoy that.   Current favorite thing.. that would be dragging my stuffed elephant "Roland" along with me where ever I go.



January 2007 - Saying goodbye to "3"-

Here it is, my 4th birthday around the corner.   I have continued my lessons in math and English, and can write many words and some simple sentences.  My math skills far exceed my verbal and written, as I can do simple addition and subtraction and am working on counting to 100.   I have started singing on a regular basis and have even picked up the skill to fluctuate my voice on longer notes.  I have mastered the do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do, and many other of the preschool songs.  I have yet to get much time on my new two wheel bike, still preferring my tricycle or scooter.   I am looking forward to my birthday, and am telling everyone that will listen that I am soon to be 4 years old.   Oh, I also dropped out of gymnastics and start Basketball next month!   Current favs - Fairy Oddparents, and Wonderpets on TV.  I love LEGOs for playing, and of course, the computer.


October/November 2006 -

In looking back at this year, I have really enjoyed my "pancake" days with Mommy.  Each weekend we have one day where we get up and go out to breakfast early and let Daddy sleep in.  We go get some breakfast, then do some shopping and come home around noon.  I ask for my pancake day usually starting around Thursday, and am really happy when it arrives.  I've also become quite the Spongebob fanatic, and started to draw pictures. and another


August/Sept 2006 - First day of school!

Preschool started at the end of August, and that found me meeting new friends and two new teachers in the Rocklin city preschool class.  I visit with them a couple times a week for a few hours to learn, socialize and play.  It is a great time, and I enjoy going.  I also started at the powerhouse gym, learning trampoline and tumbling in an Olympic focused training center.


July 2006 - First Skinned Knees  & Swim Class Graduation

I graduated from my first swim lessons ever.  I started in Guppy 1, but graduated to Minnow!  I start Minnow in July, and have 4 weeks more lessons which go into August.    I also found out the practical concepts of gravity and friction this month, as I was playing with Kade from next door and found out the reaction of friction in the case of skin vs pavement.   I was a trooper, a wet towel to wipe of the blood and I was set to go.  I at least have some good battle wounds to show now!


May 2006 - Learning Update (3 years+)

I start preschool in about 3 months, and will be there for two years before I start Kindergarten.  Mom and Dad have been working with me so that right now I can write "mom" by myself, and trace most of my letters on practice pages. I can spell simple color words like Blue and purple with little assistance.  I can draw squares, circles and triangles, and do a mean attempt at Spongebob.   I am now working more on simple addition and subtraction, completing patterns, and learning to recognize words and answer questions about stories. I still wont sit very often for someone to read a story to me, but I will however read by myself with the story book reader. 


April 2006 - Gymnastics & Updates

I have been in gymnastics class since March this year, and am making great progress.  My instructors got a big kick out of me today when I stood up in the middle of the instruction on tumbling and said "Good Job Glenn" to the instructor.   Seemed everyone thought it was pretty funny.  My classes used to be on Thursdays, but I have switched to Tuesdays because Kaylee asked if she could come along too.  


Oh, and by the way, after a good 10 week run, I'm no longer watching Robots at night.  I am back to watching good ol Emeril, or one of my other favorites Fairly Odd Parents, or SpongeBob.    I had my second dentist appointment on 4/4/06, and they said my teeth were perfect.


February 2006 - 3 Year old update

I've reached the three year old mark.  I can count to 20 on a regular basis and have started simple addition and subtraction.  I can also name all my letters upper and lower case, as well as starting to work on telling time. I can speak in coherent sentences, but I mostly I am quiet and pensive by nature still. I can be caught singing at times, I do greatly enjoy that, but get shy if I find that someone is listening. I enjoy learning by doing, my own trial and error, rather than someone showing me how.  I am determined to push my own limits.  I have also started gymnastics class and am having fun.  I still cannot eat any melon type fruit, it makes me gag, and as much as I try, its still a no go. 


The "quinkie" is still a necessary nighttime attendant, though we are on "quinkie v4", a green (and yes it MUST be green) chenille throw blanket.  At this point, my big sister and I are wearing the same size clothes with the exception of pants.  She is one size bigger there, but all the rest we can share.  That doubles my wardrobe, and if you see me in more and more pink... well.. thank my older sister.



January 2006 - Robots

We are going on week 4 of "Robots" the movie for going to sleep.  I used to insist on Emeril for my bedtime routine, but now its Robots.  Mom tries her best, suggesting LeapFrog, Shrek, Madagascar and Toy Story to name a few... but oh no, its Robots or nothing.  I can now follow all the lines, and repeat them, and sing the songs.  Mom is about to go crazy.  Hehe.. my plan is working.



December, 2005 - Leaving the "infant-stage" in the dust.

One of my favorite meals is now green salad, Caesar salad too.  I have taken a fancy to eat salad with bbq sauce even. I can count to 20, know all shapes and colors, and all my letters. My manners are also impressive, as Christmas and my birthday loom on the horizon, coincidence?  I think not.  When I do not want something, I state "no thank you" rather than crying or whining (mostly), I wipe my face when I dribble any food, and wash my hands every time after visiting the restroom. I am also the first one to say "bless you" if someone around me sneezes.  My grandma Cris got the hang of it the other day when I sneezes and she didn't say anything, I had to say "where's my bless-you?".  She giggled, and now knows the drill. Both my sis and I have been battling a cold off and on this season, but I'm still prepped to open my presents, even if my nose is running!


October & November, 2005 - Cameras and puzzles

Well, I got my first taste of taking pictures with a digital camera, and I love it.  I take any chance I can now to use anyone's camera and take pictures. Nicole let me use hers around Halloween this year, and I even ended up with a couple good shots.  Pretty neat huh?   Also, I have figured out how to do real puzzles now, and can put any of the 24 piece puzzles without a problem, and am now trying to conquer the 48 piece ones.   My new quotes " I love puzzles!" and "that's pretty-ful"


Sept 30-Oct 2nd, 2005 - First trip to Disneyland!

I took my first trip to Disneyland, and Disneyland Hotel.  I was accompanied by Grandparents Gerard and Olberding as well as Mom and Dad.  Boy, was I lucky as well because I was exactly 40" high, which made me be able to ride most all the rides.  I think my favorite was Star Tours, and my least favorite was Roger Rabbits Cartoon Spin, oh.. and Its a Small World.  Those I just buried my head in Moms shoulder and waited until it was over.   I learned that I got big laughs from everyone when I got out of the ride and said "yeah, we made it"   Oh, I also didn't like the people in costume messing with me... perhaps next time I go??


August 14th, 2005 - Reading

I sounded out my first word on my own today.  I sounded each letter and then recognized the word CATS from a set of books my great grandma had just given me about pets.  I know I have a long way to go still, but I know all my letter sounds and letter names and now am working on the reading and spelling part.   Mom and Dad have been really happy with my progress, and I love learning with them.  


June 16th, 2005 - Counting

I can now count 1 to 16 in English, and 1 to 7 in Spanish.  Thanks Dora!


May 19, 2005 - "Potty trained"

Okay, so it took me a few months, but heck, I had a broken femur in the middle there... and well, an attitude!  I wasn't really interested in using the toilet until one day, 5/19, I decided to tell my parents that I didn't want a diaper anymore and that I would use the potty, and I have by myself quite efficiently since then.


May 14, 2005 - First Bloody Nose & First Song

I fell off my seat outside while helping with the yard work and low and behold I had a bloody nose.  I went inside and got to lay down for a while and watch some Dora cartoons.  She's my new favorite.   (See how easy it is to get out of yard work?)  I've also learned how to sing "tinkle tinkle little Rrrrrrr", and sing it at any occasion.


March 9, 2005 - My Internet Skills-

As an update, I have mastered the use of a mouse.  I can navigate with ease. My favorite are the JoJo games, and the Page 'word of the day'.  I can place all the letters in the words provided, using click and drag, and know all my letters by sight.   I'm working on understanding the spelling, but boy do I have fun.  Mom and Dad are a little surprised about my skill to get to the computer, open Internet Explorer and navigate through my favorite sites and games, but heck.. I like to keep them guessing.  



February 16-19, 2005 - Trip with Daddy to Arizona-

Daddy and I took off Tuesday evening and returned Saturday, destination ARIZONA.  We left Mom behind to work and have some time with K, and we ventured off to visit Grandma Nancy, Grandpa McMurray, Uncle Dave and Cousin Nikki.  It was a surprise visit with Grandma Nancy, and we made her cry when we showed up unexpectedly.   We took a flight out, and there were some changes in the flight back, but what an adventure we had in the desert and the airports of Arizona.  Too Cool!!



January 22, 2005 - My Second Birthday-

I turned two today.  Mom and Dad hosted a party for me and about 16 of my other friends and family.  The house was decorated with banners and balloons everywhere, and  I made out like a bandit on the presents. Of course we had chocolate cake with chocolate chip ice cream, in which I indulged with my hands.  Kaylee helped me open most of my presents, as she was much better at getting the wrapping paper open.



January 1, 2005 - Progress Report-

Its official, I know my letters and numbers.  More often than not, I can identify the letters A through Z, and 1 to 9.  I am working on shapes and colors now, and have OVAL down pat.  Why oval?  Oh, who knows, its just stuck in my brain.  On the food front, the carnivore instincts in me are winding down a bit and my favorite thing to eat right now is "cancakes" or pancakes as they are better known to the adult world.   I have also managed to figure out how to move a chair around in the kitchen so I can get what I'm after, including filling up my own cups with water from the water cooler.   I've also always had a fondness for my bath time, but now, it seems pretty funny watching Mom and Dad get a little frustrated that I wont get OUT of the tub, I'm in there for an hour each evening, playing, swimming, splashing and singing.   I wait until the water gets cold, then and only then, do I manage to get out.


December 22, 2004 - First Haircut-

Yeah, now THAT'S a funny trick!  I was really enjoying looking in the mirror until the lady started snipping.   I was watching her do Mom's hair first and that was ok, but when the attention was on me, my bottom lip just decided to jut out, all on its own.   I think next time will be easier.   Anna (the hair cut lady) was very nice, and she says that I can come back and visit anytime. 




November 29, 2004 - Update-

I have my first letters of the alphabet memorized, I can count to three, and still working on the potty thing.  My vocab has expanded to include about 30 or so words, and can say two word sentences.  My favorite is "Hi Daddy".   You can note my height and weight are that of an average 3 year old, and I'm not even two yet.   We went to the Doctor for a checkup and everything is perfect as it should be.  I've also started going to the chiropractor with Mom and Dad, and enjoy my visits, it helps keep me all aligned, as I inherited Moms grace and have a tendency to take a good spill here and there.


July 22, 2004 - Poop!-

Today was not only my 1.5 year birthday, but I also had my first poop on the potty.  I have been letting my parents know when my diaper is wet, and want it changed ASAP.  So, since I've been letting them know, I've also been being directed toward this 'potty' at the same time.  Doesn't seem like much of a deal for me, but it sure made my parents happy.  Man.. these people get excited over some of the most bizarre things.


July 7, 2004 - Words and Teeth-

"Doggie.. Doggie.. DOGGIE.. DOGGIE!!!!"  I am finally moving from all nouns being "doggie" to include some other words like fan, sit and jump.  Still, most animals are either doggies or dittys (kittys.) Occasionally there is a "dow" or cow.    I have all my teeth that are supposed to be in by two years old, so I have a jump on that.  The next set are supposed to be around my 6th birthday, its nice to have that almost over.   Mom notes here that I am still waking up to eat once at midnight every night, and keeps trying to talk me out of it, but heck man, I cant last more than 8 hours without food, I have a lot of growing to do and burn calories like a madwoman.  I do however sleep from about 9:30pm to 7:30am with the one midnight snack, and have one 60-90 minute nap during the day.


June 5, 2004 - Gaining adult skills-

I am now happy to announce, I am eating with a fork and spoon on my own.  I am practicing with big cups without lids, as well as learning my table manners very well when going out to a restaurant.  I am loving the summer weather, as I prefer to be outside as soon as I wake up in the morning.  The dogs and I hang out in the backyard in my pool and in the grass and play.  I can also climb up into the car by myself and almost can get myself buckled into my seat.  


April 16, 2004 - WALKING-

Today I got up and decided that it was time to walk.  I started on two feet and haven't been back to crawling since.  I made it on Month 14 much to my parents glee.  Now when I go in for my 16 month checkup I can say I am walking.  Also, I have decided that I only care to feed myself, with a fork preferably, and I am kicking my bottle habit.  Sippy cups are okay, but I prefer a cup with a straw.  Notice also that my first pair of walking shoes are a size SIX AND A HALF!


March, 2004 - Cute Story-

This month when we have gone out to eat at restaurants, I have found another use for the crayons.  I used to just chew on them, but now I noticed I can use them as a single tined fork. (aka skewer)  I use them to spear my food and eat, pretty neat huh?


February 15, 2004 - Molars-

Hey all, I have molars.  Real chewing teeth.  Two on top, and four on bottom about to break through.  I am one happy girl that I can eat more and more food.  Yummy!


January 22 & 23rd, 2004 - Happy first birthday-

Happy birthday to me!  My parents and I celebrated my birthday with little fanfare on the 22nd.  It was a Thursday night, and we went and got photos at a local kids photo place, and topped it off with a dinner at Applebee's. On Friday night, a bunch of my friends and family came over and we had a barbeque with a kick butt tri tip which I had my fair share of, and some other stuff like broccoli and potatoes. We topped it off with a white iced chocolate birthday cake that I wasn't that fond of.  Oh well, something was to be said about the entertainment of my friends singing the birthday song, that was pretty funny.   Thanks to Grandparents Gerard and John & Kelli for getting and installing my new ceiling fan and getting me clothes too, thanks to my Grandparents Olberding for my savings bond, thanks to my Grandparents Coleman for my books, thanks to The Big M for my new alphabet toy, and finally thanks to Scott and Rita for my Harley shirt!   I am SPOILED!



December 12, 2003 - First words-

I have my official first vocalized words.   I had been working on the ma-ma-ma da-da-da-da things for a while, but what has come out clearly this week has been "Kitty" and "Lilly"  I am very close with my kitty as she plays with me and will nap with me as well.  When its time to wake up in the morning, she comes and jumps up on my bed and we play for a bit before Mom or Dad notice that I am up.  We are kind of sneaky that way.


November 24, 2003 - Yikes, HOW TALL?-

It was off to the doc for another checkup.  Evidently I am growing like a weed on miracle grow. My height has put me in 18 month clothing and Kaylee even shares some of her 2T stuff.  Though she is not thrilled about sharing all the time.  My weight wasn't so good because of last months flu like thing, and to top it off I am getting more teeth which doesn't help on the eating thing. These things never stop, do they?   My canines are coming in now and I have six teeth on top and only two on bottom.  Who the heck designed this process??!!  They should be fired.   It makes it difficult to chew.


November 8 & 9, 2003 - First overnight with Grandparents Gerard-

This was my first overnight away from my parents.   On Saturday morning they dropped me off with Grandma Cris, and we had quite the time.  She fed me Mac N Cheese for dinner, and I saved up a special gift for her till right before bedtime.  hehe..  I decided to not give them too hard of a time and went to sleep at 9ish, my normal bedtime, and of course up at 1am for a midnight snack as normal.  Here's the kicker, they are up WAY before Mom and Dad, so I actually got a start to my day at 6am.  Less sleep in time, more play time.   I like it!    We played all day before going back home before dinner.  I will be signing up for that weekend get away more often.


October 29, 2003 - Cast removal-

Update- my cast was removed and everything looks good as far as I will be as good as new in about 6 months for my leg.  We are still pending some details from the regular doc, but all is well.  I am one happy girl to get back to my life as a normal developing toddler.   Thanks to everyone that helped out (Grandma Cris and Tammy & Janae) and thanks to all of you that sent the get well thoughts and wishes.  They seem to be working well.



October 3 & 4, 2003 - More teeth -

Wouldn't it just figure?  Tooth 5 & 6 moved in today.  I now have four on top and two on bottom, like I wasn't miserable enough?


October 2, 2003 - First trip to the Emergency Room & Zoo -

Here I am, just enjoying a trip to the Folsom Zoo with my family, and all of a sudden someone runs into my train! Silly people didn't hear the whistle.   Well, everyone is OK, but it meant my first ride in an ambulance and my first trip to ER, first x-rays and first cast.   Check out my owies:  A head ding, complete with ER superglue, and a fractured left femur.  I get X-Rayed again on Oct 29th to see if the cast can come off.

September 20, 2003 - Pulling up and stepping out -

In the closing of my seventh month, I have started pulling up on the furniture and venturing out a step or so into the awaiting arms or  Dad or Mom or even another piece of furniture.  I am learning how to lean back down and come down from standing or simply using the 'plop down' method on my butt.  More bumps and bruises to come from this one, I am sure.


September 5, 2003 - Winner -

I entered a photo contest with my sunglasses, and won.  It was a close race, thanks for all that voted.  I won a new pair of "Baby Banz" and got real people black glasses this time instead of the baby purple.   Here is the winning picture:

August 28-31, 2003 - Teeth! -

Thursday August 28 my first tooth popped through. It was the upper right, then the next day the other top front tooth popped in, and then the two bottoms over the next two days.   Wow, that was one grumpy long weekend. 


August 26, 2003 - Development Milestone, Pulling Up -

Today marked my first time pulling up to a standing position by myself.  I pulled up on my carseat that Kaylee had been playing with in the living room.  Once I found out I could do that, I decided to pull up on things all evening. 


August 22, 2003 - Started Potty Training -

I pooped on the toilet for the first time.  Month 7 and I'm starting my potty training, it should probably be a couple of years, but heck, I will give it a go for now.



August 2, 2003 - Development Milestone, Crawling -

I am now fully mobile on the crawling front.  I am also starting to pull myself up to a standing position on anything I can get my hands on.   I also had my first Cheerios in the beginning of August, and I am having a good time learning and trying to feed myself.  My parents got me a sippy cup, but I do not like fruit juice so I am working on the formula in it.  I will let you know how that goes..


July 6, 2003 - Sleeping through the night-

I started sleeping through the night in my own bed, my parents are pretty happy.  I was also entered into a photo contest for Baby Banz.  You can check it out here., click on Gallery, choose July/August


May and June 2003 - Development Update-

In the past two months I have been really good in going to sleep by myself. (Naps or bed-time) Either Mom or Dad put me in my bed in my room. Then they give me a kiss and tell me goodnight, and I get to sleep by myself, no crying or problems.  They tell me how great that is..... doesn't seem such a big deal to me.   They seem pleased with the simplest things, and I'm more than happy to oblige.  I am also working on pulling myself to a sitting position and working even harder on crawling I can hold my head up and chest off the floor and can almost get my legs under me.  I cant wait.


May 17-24, 2003 - Meeting Grandma Nana and Papa Fred -

Dads Mom and her husband came to see me this week.  We had a blast.  I was always quick to flash a smile at Nana, as well as quick to turn and listen to Papa Fred's smooth voice.  I moved to more solid foods this week as well, right now green beans are my favorite.  I had my four month checkup, with a clean bill of health during this week as well.


May 4, 2003 - The first road trip & first cereal

We all packed up and went to visit my Auntie and Uncle Cindy and Mark in Monterey CA.  While I was there we played at the ocean, took a trip to Bubba Gumps, and I also started taking real solid food from a spoon.  Rice cereal. It doesn't taste like much of anything, but hey its a start.   The folks are promising more good things to follow.


May 3, 2003 - The first Boo-Boo Report-

This was a first.  The Boobie put me on the bed reclined.  I thought sitting up would be pretty easy from that position.  It was.  I sat up for bit by myself then over I went.  Falling forward and onto the floor..BOING!  Boobie was right there, but couldn't get her hands out quite in time. No worries, I am just fine. (And Dad reprimanded her for not being careful enough, good Dad.) This was my official first fall, but I'm sure there will be plenty more to follow as I learn to stand and walk. Watch for the boo-boo reports


April 22, 2003 - 3 Months Old -

Today I got a new walker and I got to test out tiptoeing across the kitchen floor.  I think I like being upright and mobile.  I haven't gotten the crawling down yet, but I think this is still pretty cool.   I am pretty much sleeping through the night, with the exception of one tummy rumble around 2am, and Boobie takes care of that.  (Also, I've reached 25 inches  Over 2 feet tall!)


April 2, 2003 - 2 Month Dr visit -

This was the day for FIVE shots.  I weighed in and the Doc told me that I was huge... thanks.   I only cried a little at the shots and as soon as I was picked up off the cold table I was fine.  I think Dad almost fainted at the blood on my leg from the pokes, but I assured him everything was cool by simply slipping back to sleep.  I got my very first band-aid (two actually, one for each leg) and it was TAZ, and my very first taste of Tylenol (which I spit out before the nurse could even give me my shots..that stuff is nasty!!)   All in all, it was a good visit, Doc says I most likely have allergies but that's easy stuff. 


March 16, 2003 - Great Grandma Visits -

I went with Mom and Grandma Cris to see my Gramma-Gramma (Lorna Thorson) and Grandma Marilyn.  They were both happy to see me and I was cuddled and loved on.  At Marilyn's her son Bill hugged on me as well, he is a big guy like dad and I felt very comfy with him.  I met a  bunch of my extended family and had a good time (pics to follow)


Feb 28, 2003 -Smiles and Giggles-

I've started to give smiles, coos and giggles to those people that entertain me.  I have found out that all I have to do is let out a giggle and the big people come running from all angles.  


February 19, 2003 - Great Grandpa Keith's visit -

My Great Grandfather Keith Hall came to visit and he says that he had a way to predict my final adult height based on my birthday footprints.  He says I will be 6 foot 3 and 3/8 inches, wow!  I can't wait.


January 22, 2003 - MY BIRTHDAY -

What the heck?  Here I am all cozy and warm then all of a sudden its like a trip though a garden hose. I tell you, that was unpleasant at best.  But now that I'm out, I think I like it.  Mom and Dad keep me just as cozy and warm and full tummied as I was not too long ago, and the best part is that I am no longer stuck upside down!


My Name Means:

Michele:  Like God, or the power of God. (like Dad)

Erika: Ever Powerful, Honorable Ruler

Gerard: Brave (like Mom)



January 10 & 13th, 2003 - Ultrasound and Dr visit -

The doctor wanted to take more pictures of me to check my size, seems that she was concerned only about me being too big. The ultrasound tech looked at Dad and did not really even have to ask.  She measured me all over and guessed at my current weight being 7.5 pounds.  The doctor is guessing at 8 pounds on my escape date.  Doc told Mom that there are absolutely no worries about me, and just to go to the hospital when I made her too uncomfortable to be at home.   Mom is anxious to evict me, but I think I have to taunt her for a while... besides, she still has work to finish up at her job.  :)


September 11, 2002 - Ultrasound

I had my legs crossed, didn't want to give up my gender identity.  After 30 minutes of my wonderful parents poking and moving me around, I gave up.   I smirked at them as I grabbed my umbilical cord and continued to chew on it.  I heard the technician say that I am bigger than normal. and measure 2.5 weeks larger than average.  Heh.  I get enough to eat.  Thanks Dad for fixing Mom all that yummy food.  Here is also when I got my name.  If you are wondering where it comes from, ask Dad.  (I'm sure Mom is working on him to get the story down somewhere.)


June 21, 2002 - Validation!

Dad & Mom went to the doctor. Seems things were amiss.... and POOF there I was.  A little raspberry with a heartbeat