What am I up to now?

Hello, I see that you are interested in learning what I am up to these days.  I have moved from my original "First Five" details page and now am writing (or narrating) these updates myself.  Please feel free to drop me an email with any comments, as my reading and writing skills are expanding daily and I would love to hear from you!

October 30 2012- Update by Michele via video on the new camera.  (Warning.. she is still getting the hang of 'screen presence'

3/25/2012 - FULL VIDEO HERE: 2012 Update by Michele  (The video is large, so patience is required)

2/19/2011 - Hi again, since last summer I had a wonderful birthday party and I got a t-shirt for free. I went to a new school that's called Maria Montessori and I am in the blue room.  I met cool friends, I like to talk with them when I can in class, I don't really play with them because they are playing games I do not even know and looks boring.  Instead I play with my sister Kaylee and Adriana, Marina and Lauren and Lauren's other friends. Christmas was Disneyland which was wonderful and I got to go on my favorite ride first, which I really loved.  My favorite ride is California Screamin because it goes like really fast and my sister dares me to scream or else she will tickle me. In the Disneyland hotel I liked the E-Ticket lounge because it has a wide space and I got to decorate a cookie shaped like a snowman and we got to see the fireworks there on Sunday.    For my birthday I had cool presents from all my new school friends.  I don't watch iCarly anymore, and like my littlest pet shop toys that go online and playing Jumpstart online.  I have started taking care of Anubis (Noobie) feeding him morning and night, and he sleeps with me every night in my bed.   I even wash him when he gets too stinky. Sometimes I wake up and see his little butt on my pillow. I love Noobie.  That's it!  (Narrated by Michele, typed by Candice)


5/9/2010 - hi michele is typeing. Yesterday we went to the chili festubole. the best was granma, po's.


5/9/2010 - I have celebrated Christmas in 2009 and got four zhu zhu pets.  I got the ball and play pieces for the zhu zhu pets.  In December I had two weeks break and I went to Kids junction, I had fun and I saw Nayana that is in my class at school.  I also saw Jordan from my taekwondo class.  We played games.  January 22nd I went to my grandmas house and I got a swirly slide for my pets.  We had a Saturday swimming party and I invited my friends from school for my birthday. We made valentines cards for Mama and Dada afterschool at Springboard.   In May after school we had chips and salsa for snack in Springboard and that was good because I LOVE chips and salsa and they are the best snack.  We got a new dog that's named Noobie, and he is so adorable. Sparky passed away, so that's why we got a new dog.  I got two new books called Diary of a Wimpy kid.   Those are good because they are funny and have bathroom talk.  >>giggle giggle giggle<<   I am way better at math now, because Im doing work in my building thinking skills books that Mom got for me.   My favorite TV show is still iCarly and one show it was funny they put chicken soup in a toilet.   In May, me and Kaylee, we made Mothers day presents in school for our mom. I did one after school and in school.   My favorite foods are fried chicken and pizza, cold and hot.  My favorite drink is water and V8 fusion.   I am working on going to sleep without the TV on, next time I write, I should have this done.   One of my favorite things that happened in the past couple months was that I got to have a sleep over with Janae.   I love Janae, she's so nice and makes me spoiled.  (and John and Tammy). XOXO BYE! (Narrated by Michele, typed by Candice)



10/25/2009- I started first grade and I am six and four quarters almost.  For Halloween I am going to be a sweetheart bat. Janae is taking me on on Fridays after school and playing with me and Tanner her new puppy.  Yesterday we had Trunk or Treat at Taekwondo and it was really really super fun. What I like about school this year is that we have a bigger playground now. I like math at school.  I think math is so fun, the easiest is subtraction, like minus.  At home I like to go to sleep on the couch while Mommy and Daddy play Rockband.  This year at school, Shiloh is not here, she went to a different school.  I play with Karina and Lauren. Lauren is my sister because she is Kaylee's little sister and she is six almost and a half.  My favorite thing to eat is chicken and pizza and my favorite thing to eat at breakfast is eggs and sausage. And my favorite dinner to eat is Chipotle. They have chips and salsa, and I like the hot salsa.  Oh, I love ICarly!  I have pajamas of ICarly, and backpack, and I watch it every day. That's it. (Narrated by Michele, typed by Candice)



5/31/2009- I had really super fun since I turned six. My favorite things are playing and singing.  I graduate from Kindergarten next week.  My puppy is a Dalmatian and I call it Spot, it is a stuffed animal and I sleep with it every night.  I play with Shiloh and Karina in school, they are special because they like me doing silly things.  Taekwondo is good, I like it when Mommy takes me.  I don't leave my door open at night because Kip will jump on me while I am sleeping. That's it.   (Narrated by Michele, typed by Candice)

Here is the link for when Mom was writing my info for the first five years: