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Starting off the month with some pirate themed decor.  Then its off to the corn maze and some halloween fun!

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We made the final major upgrades on the yard, with concrete and planting beds and even including our very own beach and gas line for a beach fire.  Getting closer to completion

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Info on its way


Info on its way


Enjoying the new patio and table and the weather.  Lots of outdoor time this month.

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Out with the old and in with the new in the backyard.  Here comes the cement.   We also participated in the Rocklin founders day parade, being descendents of Rocklin founding families of course. 

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here is what happened in April


Lets take a trip to the coast, check out a light house and some cheese.  We headed out and planned to stop by several cheese makers, and have a tour on a goat dairy, the lighthouse was an added bonus.  We arrived just in time at the dairy to see the birth of a baby as well.   Oh, and the cheese was very tasty to everyone except Michele.  She prefers "cow cheese".   After that, we come home to a... da-da-da, tornado.  We spent the time through the tornado at the school playing the ukulele.

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This is the month of rebuilding. Time to redo the back yard again. Here are some before pictures, and await March for the after shots.

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This month we have birthdays, hanging out with family and new years eve. Its pretty much a big party around here all month, at home and work.   Ok, so mostly a party and then also some in house standing by the stove to keep warm gluten free naan trial and errors.

Michele's birthday lights

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